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The astrological relationship analysis

Professional partner astrology (synastry in tabular form)

You can use the table above to find the interpretation texts for partner aspects
navigate. Partner aspects are valid soul and emotional connections
between the birth constellations (synastry). The needs of our
Planets can coincide with those of our partner (harmonic
Partner aspects) or not (tension aspects). Depending on the planet
Connection and aspect can result from this for us in the most varied

The position of the sun, moon, and planets at birth
can be found in the ephemeris (tables of planetary positions / calculated for 00:00
per day). You can get this document in any bookstore.

When you have your data, all you need is your partner's data
(Date of birth) and you can start comparing the sun and the moon
or the individual planets begin. If you do not have an exact time of birth,
so the position of the moon can only be determined roughly. The moon pulls on you
Day approx. 12 ° through the zodiac.

You can read off the given angles (aspects) from the zodiac.
The zodiac comprises a total of 12 signs of the zodiac. Every sign of the zodiac
includes 30 °.

The 12 signs of the zodiac are:

So let's assume in an example that I have an Aries Sun.
If my partner had her sun in Leo, the distance is ours
Suns 4 characters. Roughly, we take 30 ° per character and come
so with 4 characters at 120 °. It's a trine. A harmonious aspect. (More details
A description can be found under the selection "Partnership / Sun")

The most important partner aspects
conjunctionalways harmonious in synastry
Quincunxsubliminal tension

When comparing the birth constellations, pay particular attention to any
Stress aspects of the outer planets (Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto).
In the following example are some harmonious and exciting aspects

Looking at the tension aspects of Person 1's outer planets, it becomes
the tension (180 °) between Saturn from Person1 to the Sun from Person2 by the
harmonic aspect (120 °) between Mercury of person1 to the sun of person2
relaxed in the line. The tension aspect (150 °) between Neptune and Mercury remains
but exist and indicate the risk of misunderstandings.

Conversely, there is a tension aspect (90 °) between Uranus from person 2 to
Sun of person 1. Person 2's need for freedom contradicts the
Action from person 1. The tension aspect (180 °) between Saturn from person 2 to
Mercury of person 1 is represented by the harmonic angle between sun of person 2
relaxed to Mercury from person 1.

Stress aspects of outer planets (without possible solutions via harmonic
Aspects) can often be difficult learning tasks and for a relationship / partnership
Mean trouble. Outer planets and their properties are mostly lived unconsciously.
It is often a question of family patterns that one took with the mother's milk.
Tensions between the sun, moon, Mercury, Venus and Mars can be deliberately made easier
communicate. In general, when there is tension between an outer planet
and an inner planet (including the sun and moon), that person comes under tension,
whose inner planet is affected.

Relationship analyzes can also bring good results when compared
of two people the time of birth of one person is not known. Relationship analysis
are possible by comparing the birth constellation of two people, but also
by comparing several people. This z. B. be seen like it
a family member walks with their family. Or also - how is the teacher doing
the class; or the employee with his operational

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Here is some more feedback on the relationship analyzes that have been carried out:
> I think that's awesome, it's so well done. Very exciting...
> I am speechless for a moment I always knew that astrology is more ...
> You gave me 100% insight into my personal situation
.. can.
> Now I had to learn again that one should believe the stars ...
> Unfortunately, what you wrote to me has come true ...
> Wow, thank you very much, the analysis is very insightful and goes far beyond that
... beyond what I would have seen. Thank you for this exciting knowledge
> great - my premonitions are confirmed ...

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