Which is the best app store game

The best games for the iPad in the App Store

Patrick Woods, Thomas Hartmann, Peter Müller

The iPad - the ideal mobile game console. We present the best games here to help you pass the time.

Apple Arcade does everything differently. For Macs from macOS 10.15 Catalina, for iPhones from iOS 13, for Apple TV from tvOS 13 and above all for iPads from iPadOS 13. For five euros a month you have unlimited access to more than 100 titles, new ones are coming every week added. The iPad is no less than the ideal device for games, as it combines the best of many worlds. There is the large screen compared to the iPhone and the high mobility that the TV and iMac do not offer. Touch operation is the method of choice for many games, but the iPad can also handle game controllers. And if you are looking for the ideal device for entry into Apple's gaming world, you will also find it with the tablet, especially the iPad 7 with its almost unsurpassed price-performance ratio. But the new iPad Pro from 2020 - whether you use it with or without a keyboard - is the ideal machine for gaming after work or just in between in the home office, the 12.9-inch model comes with a really great one Screen on which you can admire all the details in the highest contrast.