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Corona rapid tests

According to the requirements of the federal government, all citizens have the opportunity to undergo a corona rapid test free of charge at least once a week.

With the support of the municipal administration and the voluntary fire brigade, we would like to offer the Gärtringen citizens such a quick test option on site.

Therefore, from Monday, March 29th, 2020, a rapid test center will also be available in our community.

The rapid test center is located in the Ludwig-Uhland-Halle, Rohrweg 3. An online appointment reservation is mandatory. Please do not come to our rapid test center without an appointment.


The registration runs on the following registration page:

Several appointments can be booked for each time slot. It can therefore happen that the time window can still be booked after booking. If you want to come to the test with several people (e.g. the whole family), you can also try to choose all of them at the same time.

Attention: If you need proof of the rapid test, please enter the same e-mail address when registering the appointment that you used for your DoctorBox access!

Who can come to the rapid test?

Basically there are no restrictions and anyone can come to the rapid test. There is also no minimum age. However, please note that children and young people under the age of 18 must appear in the rapid test center accompanied by a parent or legal guardian.

How do I get the test result?

You will receive the result of your test about 30 minutes after the test via the DoctorBox application. You have the option to install an app on your Android or iOS device and receive the result directly from it. Alternatively (if you do not want to or cannot use the app) you can display the result via a website with your personal code.

You will receive a description of how you will get your result and the code to call up your personal result when you register in our rapid test center.

You can also obtain proof of the rapid test (e.g. for a visit to the hairdresser or nursing home) via the DoctorBox app. However, it is important that you use the same e-mail address when you reserve an appointment and when you register for DoctorBox access.

If you need the proof but do not have the possibility to access the proof via the DocotorBox app, simply speak to us when you register.

Links to the DoctorBox App:


Link to retrieve results without the app:

Why do I only get the result but no printable result in the DoctorBox app?

The result of the test is assigned directly using the scanned barcode.

The assignment of the printable PDF findings takes place automatically on the basis of the specified e-mail address in combination with the barcode (for data protection reasons). If no e-mail address or a different e-mail address is specified when registering, only the results will be displayed without any printable results.

If there are problems despite the same e-mail address in the DocotorBox account and when registering for the quick test and the results PDF is not displayed to you about 1-2 hours after the test, something has probably gone wrong here . In such a case, you are welcome to send us an email: [email protected]

How do I get the test result in the federal corona warning app?

From now on there is also the possibility of having your test result transferred directly to the Corona warning app. Please bring your smartphone with you to register and scan the necessary QR code there. As soon as the result is evaluated, you can view it in the Corona warning app. You can use this alternatively or in parallel, independently of the DoctorBox.

Please note that you have to bring your smartphone with you, have the Corona warning app installed and have the latest update status! This function is only supported with the latest version (status: 6.5.2021).

In addition, this function is limited to submitting results. This means that you can only receive your personal results, not those of your family members (or similar) at the same time. Before the next result is transmitted, the previous result must be deleted (or it will be automatically deleted after 48 hours).

Links to the Corona warning app:

How does the quick test work?

The rapid test tries to determine whether certain virus proteins of the SARS-CoV2 virus are present. The rapid antigen tests from Roche (BfArM listed and evaluated by the Paul Ehrlich Institute) detect corona infections in around 95% of cases. False positive test results can occur in approx. 1% of the tests.

However, a negative rapid test result does not rule out a SARS-CoV2 infection and is therefore not a free ticket. In any case, keep to the usual hygiene rules (AHA-L)!

What happens if the test result is positive?

In the case of a positive test result, it is first of all to keep calm. The test result initially only represents a suspicion. However, in order not to endanger your fellow human beings, the following points must be observed:

1. Get into isolation!

2. Inform your household members!

3. Have your test result confirmed (PCR laboratory test)!

4. Contact by the health department

For detailed information, please refer to the following information sheet:

Information sheet "My rapid test is positive - what do I have to do now?"

How can I cancel or postpone my appointment?

If you enter your e-mail address when booking the appointment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail. In this you will find a link under the paragraph "Notes on changing or canceling appointments". Just follow the instructions.