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Satire about a stupid contemporary who is a clever mind in the world of idiots around 2505.

Joe Bowers isn't exactly the smartest guy. So he willingly lets himself be persuaded to do an experiment. He and a prostitute are frozen - and forgotten. They are not woken up again until 2505 - and suddenly they are the most intelligent people. Because humanity was only going downhill intellectually.

The Pentagon is looking for guinea pigs for a brand new project: In order not to let the soldiers' talent go to the dogs in peacetime, they should be artificially frozen and awakened if necessary. First of all, those responsible try it with the simple loser Joe Bowers and the prostitute Rita, who are promptly forgotten and only wake up again in 2505. And in this future, of all people, these two will be the most intelligent people on earth.

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  • Idiocracy criticism

    Idiocracy: Satire about a stupid contemporary who is a clever mind in the world of idiots around 2505.

    Satire of the "Beavis & Butthead" and "King of the Hill" maker Mike Judge, who vividly demonstrated his feeling for the weaknesses of society in his television series. Drowned in US cinemas, the title also has more potential in DVD exploitation in this country.
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