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Simply protect delicious fruits from bird damage

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Protect delicious fruits in the garden from bird damage

Summer is harvest time - so that there is also something to harvest, the berry bushes or their fruits should be protected from flocks of plundering birds. Right now, after the cherry harvest and at the beginning of the blueberry harvest, the delicious, purple fruits are also in great demand among starlings, sparrows and the like. If you can't stand in the orchard all day, or if you don't want to have an authentic scarecrow in the garden, you can protect your berry bushes easily and with little effort with a bird protection net. The net can be put directly over the plants - or even better: you simply build a scaffolding with our bamboo sticks and the matching bamboo clips that you then put the close-meshed bird protection net - so the insatiable birds can no longer get to your fruit. But not only blueberries, raspberries, gooseberries and currants can also be protected in this way. Even for the strawberry field, a frame made of bamboo sticks, approx. 40-50 cm above the ground, built with the 152 10-12 bamboo sticks and the matching flexible balls, has proven itself.

So that our domestic birds do not miss out, we recommend creating an ornamental fruit hedge consisting of bird nutrients for larger gardens (preferably far away from the orchard). So humans and animals can live together in harmony.