How are text messages forwarded

Forward SMS - This is how it works on Android and iOS

Even in times of messenger apps, one or the other SMS is still sent. We'll show you how to forward an SMS if, for example, you are temporarily unavailable at your number.

If you use two mobile phone numbers, you simply send bundled SMS to one number in order to keep track of things. An additional app is required for this on an Android device. iPhone owners need a jailbroken smartphone to use this feature.

SMS: Forwarding on Android

Forwarding a call works directly via the settings of your mobile phone. On the other hand, the mobile phone providers do not plan to forward SMS messages. If you have an Android cell phone, for example from Huawei or Samsung, the free SMS Forwarder application will help you:

  1. Download the SMS Forwarder for free from the Google Play Store onto the mobile phone from which the SMS should be forwarded.
  2. Set up the app as your default messaging app.
  3. Select the option in the top right Forwarder.
  4. Tap on that plusto create a new rule.
  5. Here you determine the conditions under which SMS should be sent to a number. These are, for example, certain terms that appear in the message text. Numbers can also be specified. SMS from these senders are also automatically forwarded. If the field remains empty, you can forward all SMS without exception.
  6. Enter the destination number to which the messages will be sent.
  7. Conclude the setting with Forward as SMS from.

Several rules can be created. For example, you can determine that numbers from different senders are also forwarded to different destination numbers. This SMS sending has some disadvantages: Note that without an SMS flat rate, additional costs for sending are incurred. The original device must be switched on in order to forward the message. With the incoming message you will not see the correct number of the sender, but the number on which the SMS was received.

With iPhone only with jailbreak

If you have an iPhone, you need a jailbroken device. Then the BiteSMS app will help you. Here you set up the SMS forwarding. However, in order for incoming SMS to be forwarded, the source device must be switched on. When the device is switched off, no messages are forwarded.

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