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Wolfgang Heindel receives his BlackBelt in the BJJ

At the end of February the time had finally come for Wolfgang Heindel. Due to the continuous achievements in the past year, the Brazilian professor Aldo "Caveirinha" Januario awarded him the Blackbelt in the BJJ. This was made possible by years of good cooperation with Franco "Ortega" DeLeonardis - a German black belt from the very beginning.

Groundandpound produced a detailed report including an interview:

Wolfgang Heindel was awarded the black belt in Brazilian Jiu-Jiutsu by Aldo Januario. The freshly baked black belt has already been given other honors, with the first star of the "Ju-Jutsu Tatami Of Fame" in Burghausen, for example.

Heindel has already published five Budosport non-fiction books / DVDs. In 2004 he became Ju-Jutsu world champion in Madrid. He was also an active fighter for PSV Bamberg and TV1848 Erlangen in the 2nd Judo Bundesliga. In the sporting year 2013, Heindel won bronze at the IBJJF European Championships in Lisbon. In addition to the silver medal at the IBJJF London Open, he also won gold twice at the IBJJF Munich Open 2013 Brownbelt Master. At the beginning of 2014 now the coronation.


Groundandpound.de: Hello Wolfgang, congratulations on the black belt in the BJJ. Has your dream come true now?
Wolfgang Heindel: Everyone who dreams of a BJJ black belt should wake up as quickly as possible and go training, true to the motto: Don't dream your life, live your dream.

How was it for you to be awarded the black belt from the hands of Aldo Januario?
To get this graduation from a Brazilian from the mother country of the BJJ is of course a very special feeling. For me personally, at this moment my whole BJJ life has passed my inner eye. Kind of like you know it from films.

Is it a different feeling for you now? What will change?
It's a great feeling, but not that much will change. You don't become another person. However, one now has the responsibility to live up to the new rank. In the BJJ in particular, it is nice that the black belt is associated with exceptional performance.

Are you now under more pressure?
To be honest, a lot of pressure has now fallen from me. I'm now back at the bottom - the newcomer among the Blackbelts, so to speak. My job now is to put pressure on them.

Did you ever think that one day you would wear the black belt in the BJJ?
I certainly thought of that - but during a journey you never know whether you can end it. I am a very focused person and when I do something I want to do it well. Because if I don't make it to my satisfaction, I'd rather let it be.

What was the hardest thing for you when you were reviewing the time?
For the Europeans 2013 I went down again from 83 kg to 73 kg, that took ten months of preparation and a lot of discipline besides my work.

What do you value most when teaching?
That things go together. I love if-then chains and story complexes. I find it terrible when everything is too scattered. That's why I always focus on blocks at school so that you can work on your own game on various complexes.

What is your favorite technique or philosophy?
Better a simple technique well done than a complicated technique mediocre. There was once an exciting article about the Pareto principle in the BJJ. That said roughly that 80% of the points can be obtained with 20% of your own techniques. Things that you learn from the beginning are also trained much more often. Of course you have to get to know a lot of techniques in order to screen out a usable game for yourself, but from a competition point of view, less is often more.

Describe the person Wolfgang Heindel.
I am always looking for new challenges. I always need a goal, otherwise I'll be bored

You love to travel, what will your next destination be?
Nothing concrete is planned yet. Tibet is still at the top of my wish list, but so is Laos / Cambodia, and I still have a bill with a mountain in South America.

What is your goal as an athlete / fighter?
I want to black belt at an IBJJF event and then we'll see.

Which trainer was able to give you the most input, which you were also able to implement best?
I am very well connected and therefore have very good contacts with many excellent athletes. Everyone has contributed to my skills in their own way. I would just like to name a few names here without ranking: Mario Reis, Leopoldo Pires, Matthias Ribeiro, Rodrigo Vitiello, Franco De Leonardis, Aldo Januario, Diogo Primo, Sergio Zimmermann and Caio Terra.

Thank you for the interview, the last sentence is yours!
To practice this sport in addition to work and with a functioning family life only works if you also have a perfect partner, so I would like to thank my wife Kerstin again, who also contributes a large part of this belt because she relieves me of a lot of work and brings a lot of understanding. Even if she's now urging me to give her a purple belt because it goes best with the white suits ...

I also don't want to forget to say thank you to the countless training colleagues, many of whom have become good friends beyond the sport, who know who is meant!

I would also like to thank my longstanding employer and sponsor Ju-Sports.