Who was your first gay crush

Is my crush gay?

Just a crush or a hot rag?
Hey, you seem to be getting into something and maybe it's his fault. Because you send him clear signals that you want more and are interested, but he always blocks yes and still meets with you? I think he has someone else and just keeps you warm so that he has you for free time and his balls are thick and the other one isn't there ... then he takes you ... I don't want to hurt you with that, but that's it So, you are absolutely right, which man will dismiss an attractive woman? Only if he has someone else, is gay, or is totally impotent ... or extremely religious?
Just watch out for the guy who sees you want him and only plays with your feelings ....
My tip to you: Talk to him clearly, whether he wants more from you than just "friendship", because otherwise you are wasting your time with him as a crush and if he says no, shoot him down if he doesn't appreciate you as a woman and if he says yes then check whether he is really interested and not just hot air ... nothing works. A man always has to be more into the woman than the woman has to a man, otherwise it will be silly when the woman has to advertise or "beg" for sex, so keep your pride no matter how dirty you may be, switch off your hunting instinct ( I want what I can't get) and I will be happy with a man who makes you really happy and doesn't let you sit horny. I wish you hot nights with a sweet one who will be your friend, but hands off such rags.
All the best

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