Basic data structure in search engines

Structured Data: Search engine optimization through effective data structure

In addition to the well-known factors such as a suitable meta description, meaningful keywords and a flawless source code, the structure of the data is also one of the criteria by which the major search engines evaluate your website. Although Google & Co. cannot read the content of images and graphics yet, the naming of this data plays an important role as soon as the bots search your website. In the following guide we provide you with valuable practical tips on how to thank Structured data help in a short time to improve your visibility on the net and to bring more organic traffic to your website.

Structured data for a better ranking on Google & Co.

Name yours Folder structure as detailed as possible on the company server. While it is tempting to label them with digits or use abbreviations, you should build the structure neatly. If your structured data contains terms such as “products”, “careers”, “explanations” and so on, the search engines can rate them accordingly.

The example folder “Products” includes all subfolders that deal with your offers. This also includes well-prepared and appropriately named images. Under the fictitious “Career” folder, you create additional folders, for example “Open positions”, “Job advertisements”, “Rejected applicants”, “Job interviews” or similar.

In the "Explanations" folder you add all the data that describe your goods or services in more detail. It can be useful at this point to also provide explanatory information Videos to deposit. Or you can upload your company videos to Youtube, Vimeo or another video service and share your Source code then just click the link.

Both can have advantages from an SEO-technical point of view. But above all it is Loading time Your website will not be affected if you load a video from an external source. Because the Google bots also take into account the loading time of the page and determine the assessment and relevance of your company appearance!

Structured data in general website design

All data from your "Products" folder should also be included in the placement Be properly named on your website. It can accelerate the creation of the source code if you work with names like "1.jpg", "2.png" and so on. For the search engine, however, this is not usable information.

Name graphics, photos and all images on your homepage so that the bots can do something with the name. Feel free to give yours every now and then Company name in the name of each file if you are at a Branding Interested in your brand.

By Jump labels In the text you can ensure that further information is displayed in the Google search free of charge. You can either order these sub-items under your company entry for a fee from Google or, by cleverly structuring your data and the source code, you can ensure that you provide your customers with an attractive offer in the Google SERPs at no extra cost.

More sales in the web shop by structuring your data

The Google Testing Tool is a good way to use the JSON-LD code for data structuring. This is a script that is executed from your page source code. Similar to Javascript and other, simple programming languages, the JSON-LD scripts must be properly in the Head and body Be entered on your homepage. The advantage is that it makes it easier for search engines to interpret your data. Popular alternatives to this type of data structuring among webmasters are Microdata or RDFa.

Even without the installation of complex scripts and snippets, you can do a lot with a good data structure to ensure that your online shop climbs up in the Google ad results. You don't have to be an SEO professional or a trained webmaster to bring more structure to your data and thus to be found more easily by the major search engines!

Define data structure in Html5

Basic knowledge of Html5 can help you to store your source code in a well-structured manner. In contrast to the previously common Div containers, Html5 contains element boxes that you can use to define whether this area is main content, a page navigation, marginal notes or footnotes. These areas can be further defined and structured using JSON-LD. However, this also results in a longer source code.

Conclusion SEO & Structured Data

There are various ways in which you can structure your own data on the Internet in such a way that your website has a higher profile Range attained. It is a good start to name your data properly and store it in thematically appropriate folders.

Additional scripts in your source code, which you can use to describe your offers in greater detail, are significantly more time-consuming. Anyone who structures their data with JSON-LD or an alternative should definitely think in advance which search terms potential customers enter on Google. These are then to be used in your folder structure and for definition in scripts.

In order for your online offers to be optimized for search engines, it is important to know what potential buyers are looking for search. For example, is it the possibility of sustainable raw material extraction in your products? Are the details of the services you offer not easy to understand or do you stand out from your competitors in certain areas? Are there any discounts or free shipping? Then use these points in your webshop or on your company website!