What is the purpose of VLOOKUP


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• What does a VLOOKUP do
• How do I use a VLOOKUP?
• What can you do with a VLOOKUP?

What does a VLOOKUP do?

The VLOOKUP function (vertical reference) in Excel is used to determine a value based on a search criterion from a range of cells (the so-called search matrix).

How do I use a VLOOKUP?

The syntax for the VLOOKUP function looks like this:

As Search criterion If a cell address is usually given, you can dynamically change the search criterion by entering a value in this cell.

The Search area (or the search matrix) is a range of cell addresses that can be specified in the form B1: C13. The search criterion is then searched for in the first line of this area.

The Column index indicates which column of the search area is to be read out. All that is expected here is a number.

With the license plate Sorting can specify whether the first column of the search area, i.e. the column in which the search criterion is to be looked up, is sorted or not. For a sorted search area one gives here TRUE an in the case of an unsorted area is the correct entry NOT CORRECT. In principle, the specification of this indicator is optional, so nothing has to be specified. In this case, however, Excel assumes that the search area is sorted. This means that not all values ​​are found in an unsorted search area.

What can you do with a VLOOKUP?

A VLOOKUP can be used to look up values ​​in lists. For example, if you have an article list with article numbers, prices, article descriptions and delivery times, you can use the VLOOKUP function to create a form in another sheet with which you can look up articles by entering the article number in a cell.

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