How many politicians in Washington are gay

equalityThe US Supreme Court allows gay marriage

Historic triumph for American gays and lesbians: The US Supreme Court has declared same-sex marriages nationwide. The constitution guarantees this for all 50 states, the judges said. Homosexual couples should not be banned from marriages.

Marriage is a fundamental right that gay and lesbian couples should not be denied, the judges in Washington ruled with five to four votes. Same-sex couples will be allowed to marry in all US states in the future. In front of the Supreme Court building, gay marriage advocates cheered and waved rainbow flags. US President Barack Obama spoke on Twitter of a "big step in our march towards equality". Gay and lesbian couples have "the right to marry like everyone else".

The decision is directed against the ban on so-called gay marriage in parts of the United States. In most states as well as in the capital Washington, homosexual partnerships have been equated with heterosexual partnerships in recent years. But now those states have to change their practice in which gay marriage is still forbidden.

Legal experts expect a new dispute

The historic verdict was preceded by years of litigation. However, judicial experts expect that there will be further disputes and legal proceedings when it comes to the implementation of the judgment. In several states, politicians are working on laws to protect "religious minorities", some of whom are against gay marriage.

Republican MPs in Congress last week presented a bill that stipulates that the government must not discriminate against "civil servants, companies and religious associations" who are against gay marriage. President Barack Obama is in favor of opening up marriage to gay couples.

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