What was your last nightmare about



As the name of the chapter suggests, this is not about an ordinary one, but about the questions that daslebenistschoen (not only) asked me and those that I ask you.
I look forward to funny answers and reserve a penalty if someone ignores that. ♥
Have fun now!

My questions:

1) What are you most afraid of?
Before others and my future and what it entails.

2) What was your last nightmare about?

Unfortunately, I can't say exactly. Fortunately, I don't have bad dreams too often. Usually I always know what I've dreamed after the night, only over time do I forget it again;)

3) If you could choose where to live at some point (which you can in principle, but money always plays a role), where would it be and why?
Preferably to continue in this place, because it is simply beautiful here and I would find it difficult to part with my acquaintances, relatives, friends and other more or less important people I have met here!

4) What would you do if you won a trip around the world for one person in the lottery?
First of all, I would be pretty confused because, firstly, I don't play the lottery and, secondly, I've never noticed that there are world trips in the lottery as prizes, but if it really were, I would leave it to someone else because a trip around the world takes time and me which have not.

5) Are you more motivated / alert or “passive” and lazy?
Sometimes like that, sometimes like that, but actually more like the first, I hope: D

6) Favorite story (s) on Wattpad?
If I'm being completely honest, only the stories of MissWolke and BlackLady8 come into question. All the others are also really nice, but when it comes to your loved ones O :)

7) How did you get into Wattpad?
By a friend who published a fanfic here and told a lot about it.

8) How do you find the thought that you have to answer 6 questions including these?
Great, because I always have to type the questions: P
Anyway, thank you, the life is beautiful!

9) If I were to text you in a totally stalking way that I could see you - would you turn around?
No, I'm sitting in front of a wall: D

10) Assuming that these stereotypes of people really existed, which one would you see yourself in?
I have no idea that others would have to decide.

11) What was the last movie you saw in the cinema? Would you like to see him again? Why not)?
Oh God! My last visit to the cinema ... - forever ago! If so, I'll watch TV or DVDs.

12) What phrase do you use most often when you speak?
Probably "Look ..." or something, but if you include the famous "Ne?" (As a "synonym" for "Or?"), Then that.

13) Are you glad that's the last question? []
I'm sorry, unfortunately I can't insert the monkey smiley that covers its eyes, although I think it's really great ♥
Well, a little bit, but since I have no idea for a new chapter here anyway, the whole action saves me a bit.

In itself it wasn't that bad, so a "thank you" to daslebenistschoen! ♥

My nominations (unfortunately only 9 people because I don't know much more):
last unicorn
life is Beautiful


Your questions:

1. Do you have a personal favorite at the Wattys2016?

2. What does a perfect Saturday evening look like for you?

3. Have you read books by Kerstin Gier? Which ones and how did you find them?

4. What are your hobbies?

5. Where did your most beautiful trip go? Why was she the most beautiful?

6. Were there moments in your life that inspired you to write certain chapters or short texts? Which were they?

7. What is your favorite song?

8. How do you like this app?

9. Which ice cream do you like best?

10. Do you have »musical.ly«?

11. Is there a (childhood) dream that you absolutely want to realize? What kind of one?

12. What is the question that you are most afraid of?

13. Who is your idol?

That's it ... have fun!
F ♥