How environmentally conscious are Uzbeks

Project «Partnership between schools in Bonn and in Bukhara on the subject of" Sustainability and environmental awareness "

The aim of the project is to take up the topic of environmental and climate protection with children through the collaboration between the Ludwig Richter Elementary School in Bonn and School No. 1 in Bukhara, in order to create awareness of the consequences of climate change and to deal with them in a sustainable manner to contribute to the natural foundations of life (energy, water).

The basis of the project is a longstanding partnership between the cities of Bonn and Bukhara (Uzbekistan).

Through this cultural exchange, the parents in both cities also get more information about the twin city Bonn Buchara and are excited by their children to consciously deal with the topic of "environmental and climate protection".


Ludwig Richter Elementary School, Bonn

School No. 1, Bukhara,


German-Uzbek Society, Bonn

Association “Sister Cities of Bukhara”, Bukhara

in cooperation with the cities of Bonn and Bukhara, the Embassy of the Republic of Uzbekistan and the Consulate General of the Republic of Uzbekistan in the Federal Republic of Germany

The focus of the project is the establishment of a partnership on the subject of "environmental and climate protection" between the Ludwig-Richter elementary school, Bonn and school no. 1, Bukhara. The “Climate Ambassador” project of the Bonn Climate Ambassador Foundation has been working in the Ludwig Richter Elementary School for 4 years. The Ludwig Richter Elementary School was named the School of the Future in 2012 and 2015. The official delegation from Bukhara at the invitation of the city of Bonn was in Bonn in December 2014. The delegation participants - Deputy Hokim of the city of Bukhara Ms. Matluba Badriddinova and the commissioner for city partnerships Bukhara, Ms. Khushvakht Akramova visited the Ludwig Richter elementary school and took part in the class on the subject of "Climate Ambassadors". Ms. Badriddinova and Ms. Akramova were deeply impressed by the “Climate Ambassador” project and the commitment of the children and teachers. An idea arose to take over the experience of the Ludwig Richter Elementary School in the field of “Environment, Sustainability” in Bukhara. There is great interest in the partnership with Bukhara at the Ludwig-Richter Elementary School.

With the project “Partnership between Ludwig Richter Primary School in Bonn and School No. 1 in Bukhara on the subject of“ Sustainability and environmental awareness ”, we want to include and with them children from 6 to 12 years old (1st to 4th grade) to work on environmental issues. We also want to inform the children and adults about the city partnership Bonn Buchara.

Ms. Christa Hahn, headmistress of the Ludwig-Richter elementary school and Ms. Sabokhat Khaydarova, headmistress of school no. 1 are very interested in the cooperation and work on environmental issues.

In March 2015, an information event was held at the Ludwig-Richter primary school. The representatives of the German-Uzbek Society and the Vice-Consul of the Republic of Uzbekistan told the children about the country of Uzbekistan and the city of Bukhara. Ms. Angelika Kappel, Mayor of Bonn, took part in this event and took the pictures and letters from the children in Bonn for their new friends in Bukhara and a letter from Ms. Hahn to the headmistress in Bukhara.

Ms. Angelika Kappel was in Bukhara in April 2015 and attended school no.1. In school No. 1, Ms. Kappel gave the letters and pictures from the German children to the Uzbek children and took the pictures and letters from the Uzbek children to their German friends.

From February 15, 2016 to February 22, 2016 the delegation from Bukhara - head of school No. 1, Ms. Sabokhat Khaydarova and teacher of school No. 1, Ms. Dina Latipova - was in Bonn to take part in the further activities within the framework of the project to discuss with their colleagues from the Ludwig Richter School and to work on materials.

The information event for the pupils of the Ludwig Richter School took place on February 19, 2016. The guests from Bukhara talked about their school, showed the videos with the greetings from the Uzbek children to their new German friends and handed over the letters from the Uzbek children to their German friends.
The kids loved it!
Finally, the German children performed an Uzbek dance that they practiced with the Uzbek guests during the week. It was really nice!

The following were present at the event: Ms. Lina Furch, Deputy Head of the Office for Global Sustainability and International Affairs of the City of Bonn, Mr. Nuriddin Mamadjanov, Consul of the Republic of Uzbekistan from Frankfurt am Main, Dieter Brandenburger and Dr. Heinz Bühler, Vice President of the German-Uzbek Society and Ms. Oksana Ten, Managing Director of the German-Uzbek Society