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This is where the media could exert a positive influence by making this correct wrong perception.
The media have a positive role to play in tackling this misperception.

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Calling names like the coalition of the willing wrong perceptions emerge.
Only the following moments more conceptual perception are wrong perceptions.
Disagreement breeds self-deception, wrong perceptions and many negative ego character defects that create relationally insecure people.
Disunity breeds self-deception, false perceptions and many negative ego character flaws that generate relationally unsafe people.
If you agree that diet restriction does not mean more recipes that might tempt your taste buds, you are completely wearing one wrong perception.
If you happen to be one with this opinion that dietary restriction means no more recipes that could entice your taste buds, you carry a totally wrong perception.
Hollywood also has to wrong perception of voodoo because we Americans love to be scared of exotic and strange rituals.
Hollywood has also added to the misconceptions of voodoo because we Americans love to be scared by exotic and strange rituals.
Buddhism explains that longing desire is a disturbing emotion that affects one wrong perception of the object is based.
Buddhism explains longing desire as a disturbing emotion that is based on a misconception of its object.
This claim is misleading and carries the risk of a wrong perceptionbecause it could lead us to neglect our libraries.
That claim is misleading, and it raises the danger of creating false consciousness, because it may lull us into neglecting our libraries.
In most cases this has to do with a wrong perceptionTo do half-knowledge and prejudice.
Therefore, the Council, which in the sense of Gilles Savary tries to interpret the formulation in a grossly negligent manner, would itself be very grossly negligent if it, so to speak, this wrong perception would have.
The Council, which is trying at Mr Savary's request to interpret the concept of 'gross negligence', would therefore be very grossly negligent itself if it were laboring under this misconception.
In other words, this reality is one wrong perception of reality we believe in.
In other words, this reality is a false sense of power that we buy into.
One can strive to be vigilant to the degree of one wrong perception to belittle. Every appearance, every consideration, every thought projects its distorted color.
One can strain to be alert, so as to diminish the degree of false perception, but everything seen, every reflection, every thought, projects its illusory color.
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