How do I get into photojournalism

My camera and I - with passion and a keen sense of photography, we document moments that are worth capturing.


Diversity is our strength. Whether press photos or company events, sports and cultural events, weddings, family celebrations, group photos, portraits or aerial photos: I and my camera, we come, put our motifs in the right light and give everything to be able to convince with expressive images.

Sports & games

Bottwartal Marathon, Dirty Race, Ludwigsburg City Run, MZ Triathlon.

Culture & Events

Ludwigsburg Symphony Orchestra, Jazz on a Sunday, Murrer Fasching, Marbach Literature Museum.

People & situations

Craftsmen, politicians, mayors, specialists, characters.

City & Castle

Blooming baroque, pumpkin exhibition, Monrepos festival.

Sky Earth

Aerial photos of the Bottwartal, the Neckar.

I regularly look at the surroundings from above,

give me air, distance and overview.

And come back with aerial photographs showing your house, your company,

Your soccer field, your favorite mountain can be seen.

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Werner Kuhnle - Photojournalist: Photography out of passionI document all the beautiful or important moments that are worth capturing with the empathic sense of the photographer. Press photos - company events - sports and cultural events - family celebrations - weddings - group photos - portraits - aerial photographs - aerial photographs.
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