What kind of businesses run themselves

self reflectionGood leaders first recognize themselves

To be empathic means: Understanding where a certain behavior of the employee comes from and what the objective is. Above all, however, it is about the attitude that it is initially okay how the other person has behaved. Managers should learn to recognize and understand the positive intention behind behavior, even if they would never act that way themselves. Anyone who can understand why others behave in a certain way stops evaluating behavior.

Even in the scientific management literature there is no exhaustive list of those characteristics that a good manager today must combine. What remains is the attempt to find a common denominator for the properties that have been collected. The main quality of a good manager: You should be able to reflect on yourself. Working on your own perception, self-reflection, has become a crucial skill.

Self-confidence, social competence, determination and integrity are necessary qualities of a manager. If she can then still listen to herself, learn to understand herself, she can also understand her employees better. The Karlsruhe coach and NLP trainer Thierry Ball once put it this way:

“The manager must be able to express a self-image of himself. She knows her own skills and areas of development for her personal competence and realistically assesses the achievements of others and her own. She deals constructively with criticism, especially negative ones. A self-reflective leader easily finds examples from past experiences and life situations and can transfer them to the present in order to benefit from them. "Götz Werner puts it in his own way:" The only legitimate goal of leadership is self-management. "