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Nature in Finland

Finland's fauna

Moose are particularly numerous in the lake areas. Wild forest reindeer can be found in the west and north-east of Finland. About 200,000 of them live in the wild. Large numbers of white-tailed deer brought in from America have made their home in southern and western Finland.

Other wild animals are the wolverine (also known as the bear marten), the fox, the marten and the beaver. The Eurasian lynx is a special animal. The approximately 1,500 wild lynxes are very rare and live mostly in the border area with Russia.

Around 430 species belong to the Finnish bird world. Most of them are migratory birds. Ptarmigan and snowy owl are characteristic of Lapland. The whooper swan is the national bird of Finland due to its significant role in Finnish mythology. A strict ban on hunting has allowed the population of whooper swans to recover significantly in recent decades. Other native birds in Finland include capercaillie, black woodpecker, red-throated diver, golden-headed duck, mallard, and osprey.

Finland also has a large variety of fish due to the many lakes and rivers. Around 70 species of fish, including many edible fish such as trout, pike, salmon, pikeperch and perch, inhabit the Finnish waters. This is why you can fish very well in Finland too.

Predators such as brown bears and wolves also live in the northern areas. Thanks to an extensive conservation program in Finland, there are currently just under 1,000 brown bears in the eastern wilderness. The wolf population, on the other hand, has fallen to almost 150 due to illegal hunting and poisoning of the animals.