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Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 presented

Hans-Christian Dirscherl

Not a revolution, but a clever evolution: These are the new versions of Norton Internet Security (NIS) and Norton 360. Symantec has further optimized its security suites in a targeted manner. We'll introduce you to the new features of NIS and Norton 360 and take a detailed tour of Symantec's new security packages.

EnlargeSafer, easier, optimized: Norton Internet Security protects your PCs comprehensively. Norton 360 also offers backup functions, online storage and tools for optimizing the computer.

Symantec has presented the new generation of its security products. In addition to the classic Norton Antivirus, these are above all the two security suites Norton Internet Security and Norton 360, which Symantec has made even more secure and easier to use. Are you curious? Then read on. In this article, we will introduce you to Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 in detail. We will also tell you what advantages a comprehensive security suite such as Norton Internet Security or Norton 360 has over a virus scanner. And we'll take a look at what's new in Norton Internet Security and Norton 360.

EnlargeNorton Internet Security 2013 offers several ways to find malware. Here is the custom scan.

The main advantages of Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 over a simple virus scanner

Norton Internet Security (NIS for short) and Norton 360 seal off the PC all around. With their combination of different complementary technologies, both security suites prevent viruses or worms from getting onto the PC from the start. Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 do significantly more than a conventional virus scanner. The advantages of the two all-round carefree solutions from Symantec in detail:

Protection in social networks Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Xing, LinkedIn and other social networks are "in". With users as well as online gangsters. Symantec takes this into account by integrating important new functions in Norton Internet Security and Norton 360, which protect against typical Facebook attacks such as likejacking or clickjacking.

EnlargeNorton Safe Web tells you if a website is safe.

Protection while surfing
How safe is the still unknown website that I am about to surf? Can I catch a virus there? Many Internet users ask themselves these questions. Norton Safe Web will answer these questions before you visit the page. You will be warned of dangerous websites in the search results. In addition, these are blocked. This feature is available in Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Chrome browsers.

Identity protection
With the identity protection built into Norton Internet Security and Norton 360, users can securely log into websites and online services without their login data such as e-mail addresses, user names, passwords and credit card numbers falling into the wrong hands. The two Norton products store all the necessary user data in an Identity Safe. This will automatically register you on every stored page.

Browser protection
Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 keep users safe while surfing the Internet. To do this, they have integrated browser protection. It prevents hacker attacks, for example through drive-by downloads, i.e. malware that you download unnoticed onto your own computer when you visit a website. This browser protection also protects against new, not yet closed security gaps such as the most recent zero day attack on Internet Explorer. Thanks to browser protection, Norton users could continue to use IE without any worries and did not have to switch to another browser.

Sophisticated virus detection in Norton Internet Security and Norton 360

Virus signatures and heuristic malware detection (malware is identified using typical code sections) form the basis of modern virus scanners. Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 also use other particularly sophisticated techniques to detect malware:

Reputation: Insight Norton Insight is a reputation-based service that uses the data and assessments of millions of Norton users anonymously submitted by Norton users' PCs to Norton servers to identify viruses, worms, Trojans and backdoors. From this, Symantec prepares a whitelist with secure processes or applications. If you use Norton Insight, the processes and programs running on your PC are compared against this whitelist in order to find potential malicious programs. The new Scam Insight supplements this protection by, for example, warning of decoy offers and rip-off offers on Facebook. Download Insight in turn monitors all downloads that you download to your computer and warns you if the download is malicious code. In addition, Download Insight warns against the download of software that does not harbor malware, but that is programmed so sloppily that you could crash your computer.

In the new Norton Internet Security and the new Norton 360, the Insight reputation technology not only checks the reliability of data, URLs and domains, but also the quality of IP addresses.

Behavior-based: SONAR SONAR technology is another way that Norton 360 and Norton Internet Security can find unknown viruses and worms. SONAR 4 uses the behavior of software to determine whether it is malware or not. A concrete example of this: A program on your PC does not open a Windows window (it remains invisible to you), but records keystrokes and connects to the Internet. This behavior is typical for a keylogger, i.e. for a malicious program that records all keystrokes including login data and passwords and transmits them to a hacker. Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 can recognize a keylogger with the help of SONAR 4 and render it harmless.

Intrusion prevention
The intrusion prevention technology provides targeted protection against malicious code that exploits security gaps in the operating system and applications to infect the computer. With this, Norton Internet Security and Norton 360 prevent your computers from being compromised by new and as yet unknown security vulnerabilities.

Phishing protection and a intelligent firewall round off Norton Internet Security and Norton 360.