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Game of Thrones: Varys, the master of the whisperers

Varys biography

Varys is the only one who knows who he wants to see on the throne. His network of spies is unparalleled in Game of Thrones. In our biography you will find out everything you need to know about the bald strategist and his fate.

The eunuch Varys from GoT has many names. He is an experienced manipulator whose network spans all of Westeros and beyond.

Varys is a eunuch and serves as a loyal servant and advisor to the small council under King Robert Baratheon in King's Landing. His sophistication, intelligence and skill make him indispensable for the ruler of the Seven Kingdoms.

As early as Game of Thrones Season 1, we heard about Vary's gigantic network of spies. He is always up to date on Daenerys Targaryen and her progress in raising an army. Ned Stark also learns of his planned execution through Varys and trusts him when he describes an alleged way out. But even the Master of Whisperers cannot save the head of the Starks from the Lannisters.

Rescue and escape

With Tyrion by his side, who will take over the office of King's Hand in GoT Season 2, Varys can take an even more tactical approach. In this way he provides Tyrion with information that will help decide the battle on the Schwarzwasser. Also in Game of Thrones season 3, Varys turns out to be an ally of Tyrion. He even tries to smuggle Shae, Tyrion's lover, out of Westeros.

Towards the end of GoT season 4, Varys helps Tyrion one more time. The Lannister was charged with killing his nephew Joffrey. He only manages to escape because Varys has organized a ship to Pentos. Seemingly spontaneously, he decides to get on the ship as well.

The real plan of Varys

Once in Pentos, Varys Tyrion opens up his plan. He wants to help Daenerys to the throne and considers Tyrion a necessary ally. The two lose sight of each other, but meet again in GoT Season 5 in Meereen.

Before he makes his way to Westeros with Daenerys in Game of Thrones season 6, Varys ensures peace in Meereen. He unmasked the sons of the harpy eagle and obtained the support of the Martells in Dorne.

The conspiracy kills Varys

In GoT Season 7, Varys Daenerys has to convince Daenerys of his loyalty on Drachenstein. He succeeds, but if betrayed he has to pay with his life. This is his undoing in Game of Thrones season 8. He plans to tell the other Lords of Westeros the true identity of Jon Schnees and so overthrow Daenerys. He wants to prevent the reign of her mad father Aerys from repeating itself, but is caught and executed by her.

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