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How my mother influenced the relationship with my body

We live in a world in which appearance plays a major role. Women and young girls in particular are told how they should dress and present themselves from an early age. Studies show that even young girls as young as six are concerned about their bodies and sometimes even wish they were thinner. Weight Watchers even allows ten year olds to participate in their points program. Most of the time, the registration does not come from the girls themselves, but from their mothers.

“The way a mother thinks about her own body and how she comments on the appearance of her daughter says a lot about her future eating habits. If the mother often criticizes her daughter's body, this can eventually lead to anorexia or bulimia in the child, ”explains Dr. Juli Fraga, a psychologist who specializes in eating disorders. One study found that mothers who had very large problems with their own body image also tended to monitor their own children's weights. In another study, young women and their mothers were asked about their eating habits. It has been shown that a mother's attitude towards her weight has a major influence on her daughter's body image.

Of course, not every mom in this world has a problem with her appearance and passes it on to her children right away; Parents can also be positive role models who teach us to love our bodies and ourselves.

We spoke to 11 women and asked them how their mothers shaped their own body image - here are their answers: