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How do I become a self-taught amateur mechanic?

I think the other answers cover most of the basics, but I'm only going to consider myself more current "Semi-professional" mechanic and turn on as someone who previously worked as a professional auto mechanic for a number of years (before moving on to a less sweaty job).

You can watch YouTube videos, read diagnostic manuals, and do a lot of research on repairing and maintaining your vehicle hire. Thebest However, way of learning this is to do so to do.

Research helps, but not as much as some other professions. You need to know what you are going to do, but you also need the tools in your hands and building the motor skills to use these tools properly.

I don't think it would be wise to open the hood and turn around in your engine bay. Rather, my best advice is to be with a friend or family member who fixes things with engines and watches and helps.

Before I even tried working on a vehicle, I spent countless hours shadowing a mechanic and helping where it was needed. Besides, I have lots Asked questions.


That's fair @Quoid. However, I would have to attack the problem in both directions, e.g. by also learning what a piston is :)


@georgiosd sure I just wanted to highlight the practicality of actually doing it: PI remember going to an auto mechanic technical school was the guy in the class who knew best also the one who did have his own car messed up so bad he had to drag it out of the store and never showed up for the rest of the year !!


LOL - definitely a learning experience for him :)