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Genre musical

The musical is a genre of theater, and secondarily also of cinema. It is a genre in which song, dance, drama and music are combined in a consistent framework. Musicals have been around since the 1920s (Broadway, New York). The heyday was the late 1940s and 1950s. In later forms of the musical there is hardly any spoken dialogue. Musicals are originally the American answer to (European) operetta.

Typical style elements and features

The typical style elements and themes described below relate more to the musicals of the 1950s, less to the more modern forms such as "Hair" (1967), "Tommy" (1969), Mamma Mia (1999) or the musicals by Andrew Lloyd Webber (from 1980).

Basically, (continuous) stories are told, ie. the narrative sequence of a musical is basically based on the typical dramaturgical rules.

Special features and style elements of the musical are:

  • Dialogues and song numbers alternate,
  • traditionally mostly two acts,
  • different styles of music, including (popular forms of) jazz,
  • the music is basically catchy, "snappy", popular, suitable for singing along,
  • Ballads (love songs),
  • musical rhythm numbers signal drama, drive the plot forward and give the show a new tempo,
  • "Weird" song. It has a relaxing function,
  • "Nice" song: The audience should be enchanted, the acting people should become more sympathetic, important character traits of the heroes are emphasized,
  • the singing (possibly combined with dance) forms the dramaturgical and aesthetic (emotional) climax of a scene,
  • Elaborate production: great costumes and stage effects, sophisticated technology, striking colors, mass (dance) scenes, large orchestras, spectacular scenes
  • fantastic and surrealistic dream sequences,
  • mostly happy ending,
  • the lovers sing their feelings for each other in a duet,
  • it is about mastering an obstacle course to the common happiness of a couple in love,
  • socially critical, different skin colors, denominations and social classes (West Side Story),
  • often literary or historical models,
  • mostly tragic and / or humorous,
  • kitschy / clich├ęd ("Sound of Music")

Well-known or typical musicals

  • West Side Story
  • The three from the gasstation
  • An American in Paris
  • Singin 'in The Rain
  • Sound Of Music (little known in German-speaking countries)
  • Mary Poppins
  • Hair
  • Jesus Christ superstar
  • Tommy
  • Cats
  • Mamma Mia
  • Starlight Express
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