People have auras

The aura - the energy field of your soul

Your aura at a glance

  • Aura - the special atmosphere or quality that emanates from a person, an object or a place
  • Location: Shining outwards in the shape of an egg from the inside of your physical body.
  • A healthy aura extends up to two and a half meters around the body.
  • Functions: projection, protection

A healthy aura needs a strong, healthy mind

With a strong, calm mind, your interest in inner unity will grow. You will understand that your inner peace is reflected in your outer world and can heal profoundly. Your calm, neutral mind exposes a collective belief: opposing poles and differences should be separated from one another in order to fight one another and to determine winners and losers. But you learn to protect yourself and to detach yourself from the drama of the outside world. You can choose to strengthen your aura by uniting the masculine and feminine energies within you. Every person who goes his way in harmony with himself, grounded and radiates calm presence in the here and now, takes a further step towards collective unity and peace in the world.

The aura, your eighth chakra, is a living being, the fingerprint of your soul, the light of your truth and a measurable field of electromagnetic energy that surrounds your body. Everything that exists creates an energetic field. We humans are blessed with the ability to strengthen and fine-tune our own magnetic field through our hearts and minds.

You can work to heal the planet by consciously sending your love and unity into the earth through the aura root. This stirring of Kundalini energy in Mother Earth is made possible by many new "tribes" that come together and meet at the chakras of the earth. The rainbow or yin snake is the feminine aspect of the earth's two great energy lines, the winged or yang snake is the masculine aspect. These snakes in turn consist of male and female waves that “snake” through the landscape like an Aesculapian staff or the Kundalini snake. Legend has it that these two snakes orbit the world to unite and each swallow the other's tails. The resulting energy will be the "Holy Grail" of the earth. Our role as humans is to consciously use this divine healing energy, to send and receive it through our aura so that it is available for the well-being of all.

Directing the 5 Vayus energies with yoga
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The aura unites and contains the properties and powers of all other chakras

As soon as you start to integrate all chakras, your aura shines in its full splendor to protect you and to project your being outwards. When the unconscious "garbage" is disposed of, you attract positively charged energy and intuitively receive guidance from a higher soul perspective. Our aura offers protection against illness and negative environmental influences. A powerful eighth chakra is precious like gold, it deflects negative influences and radiates an irresistible luminosity. When the aura is weak, we are more susceptible to viruses and the aggression of others. If we expand the aura, the outer arc serves as a filter and connection to the universal magnetic field. This outer area surrounding the whole body preserves the integrity of the aura. Your aura changes color and size according to your mood, physical health and your spiritual growth. You can learn a lot about your subtle nature through the color and strength of your aura.

Working with the aura creates a noble attitude, even under extreme pressure. If you behave nobly, you will be happy and at peace with yourself, knowing that you are also contributing to the welfare of all. In the course of this Aquarian Age, the patriarchal system begins to crumble. As a noble person, you can now help shape the future. You are reading these lines because you ardently want to project this powerful energy into the world through your aura. You know in your heart whether you came here to create the New World with many others.

Carbon is everywhere on the planet - under pressure it turns into either a diamond or crumbling coal.

Energy Guardian: Take good care of your aura

If we were to perceive the remaining 95 percent of the energy around us, self-protection would have a higher priority. Self protection is your best tool. Be your own guardian angel and choose your acquaintances through the filter of a strong, self-respecting aura. Think of yourself as a powerhouse that keeps a small universe going. You harbor millions of internal and external "friends" or parasites, from humans to microbes - even those that you cannot even imagine. Your thoughts, words and actions create the magnetic field around you.

Your aura mixes with the aura of the people you have close physical contact with. In making love, the yin and yang energies and the auras merge. The sexual act should be a spiritual and spiritual cleansing, but if it is loveless, lower, non-physical beings are invited into the body through subtle energy fields and finally into the sacral chakra.

A strong aura is a sacred, sensitive space that interweaves with the universe and allows us to attract abundance in any form. We can embody the fantastic human radiance through our aura. Inside the aura there is an arch that extends from ear to ear, over the hairline and eyebrows. This arch is your halo, the core of the aura, and the avenue of intuition, connected to the sixth chakra. Your Akashic Record is stored here (the non-physical imprint of all of your experiences). Women have an extra line between their nipples - this is where the imprint of their sexual relationships is recorded.

Anything that improves your attitude towards yourself and helps you to have a calm, neutral mind will strengthen your aura: Relax often in nature and connect with its conscious energy. In your daily exercises for relaxation, inner peace and calm, visualize how you are anchored in the earth, how upright your spine is, how strong and flexible your mind and body are. Purified chakras will also ensure that your radiant aura protects you.

Therapy of the senses for your aura

1. Smell

Pure essential oils for working with the aura chakra (please use high quality organic products): frankincense, lemon myrtle, pink grapefruit, spearmint, vanilla, damask rose, ylang-ylang, lemon balm, jasmine, neroli. Applications: Inhalation, dilute oils in water with an emulsifier (e.g. ethanol), put in a spray bottle and spread a light veil around the aura.

2. Taste

Almonds are great for building ojas.

Nourishing almond ojas drink:

  1. Soak 10 almonds overnight.
  2. Puree the almonds in a blender with a cup of warm water, a pinch of cardamom, cinnamon and ginger powder each, a teaspoon of hemp oil, a few saffron threads (if you like) and two Medjool dates without a core on a high level to a smooth mixture.
  3. Heat the mixture on a low flame in a saucepan to the desired temperature.
  4. Relax while you enjoy the drink and your ojas will be restored.

3. Touch

Crystals for the aura:

  1. Balancing - quartz
  2. Soothing - selenite
  3. Stimulating - cactus quartz

4. Sound

Har Har Har Har Gobinde

This mantra attracts success and prosperity, and together with the right kriya it works wonders. Practice the mantra for 40 consecutive days and be amazed by the promising opportunities that you will encounter.

5. Affirmations

I am magnanimous.

I am luminous.

I am radiant.

I am pure.

I am full of vitality.

I am divine.

This article is an excerpt from the book “Self-Love - a journey of discovery to spirituality and self-love” by Akal Pritam, published in October 2019 by Irisiana Verlag.

Akal Pritam worked as an art director in the fashion industry for over a decade. From the mid-1990s she began to design numerous internationally successful books. As a result, Akal changed her entire life and began to practice yoga and meditation, to deal with metaphysical topics and to eat wholesome whole foods. In 2011 she and her partner Aaron Wilson founded “The Dispensary” in Melbourne, an organic vegan café and shop.