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Get photogenic: Look better in photos

Get photogenic: Look better in photos

Do you want beautiful photos or a great video of yourself? No problem with our tips on how to be photogenic. Here we go!

Photogenic - how does it work?

Photogenic are always just the others? Not correct! The others may just know what to watch out for when someone approaches them with a camera. And that happens all the time now: We are photographedBe it from a dedicated suburban photographer for application photos, the boy in love at our side with his mobile phone camera or from mom under the Christmas tree.

And we always see somehow crooked, slack, thick and greasy out. Do we mean ...

Victoria Beckham can do it, as can Heidi Klum. And Katy Perry also knows how to put yourself in the limelight in photos. The stars, models and bloggers use a few simple tricks to show off their best side with the right poses ... Continue reading

No more: Here are a few tricks that can be used to convince even the toughest camera lens that we are real beauties:

The best camera poses to look photogenic!

And here are our tips to make it easy to look photogenic:

1st trick to appear photogenic: Really smile!

Get yourself in a happy mood with happy thoughts: Not only does the mouth grin, the eyes smile too. This is very important so that your face doesn't look like a mask in the photo.

2. Trick to appear photogenic: the right make-up

When doing make-up, make sure that the complexion appears as even as possible. A good foundation is the key to success - and you should definitely make dark circles disappear with concealer. But be careful! Do not put on more makeup than usual, but simply emphasize the eyes and mouth - the lips a little lighter on the outside, a little darker in the middle. You can only use the powder for matting more than usual so that your complexion does not shine and look greasy.

Make-up school complexion

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3. Trick to appear photogenic: The right clothes

When it comes to clothing, you should avoid wild patterns, horizontal stripes and the colors red, white and black, as these colors form too strong contrasts and red is often not captured as well by digital cameras. Green and brown tones on the other hand flatter the complexion.

4th trick: find your chocolate side!

Show your Chocolate side. If you still don't know which one it is, do a quick check with a digital camera beforehand: Have photos taken of you, once from the left, once from the right and then compare. So - now you know the good side and of course you also know that you prefer to put this side in front of the camera!

5. Correct head and body posture in photos

Calm down! And never look directly into the lens, only three-quarters of the way - even with full-body shots. You can do yours while standing Weight then on just one leg relocate - old model trick for a slimmer silhouette.

6. Trick to appear photogenic: Open your mouth

A real model secret tip to look good in photos: lift your head very slightly, push your chin slightly forward and breathe in and out through your mouth. So you get a relaxed look.

7. The best light for photography

The best light for a great photo is indirect light. Even when the sun is shining, you can work with lightning: This hides shadows under the eyes.

8. Trick to appear photogenic: Sufficient distance from the photographer

Never let the photographer get too close to you: It should also be two meters away for a portrait, after all, he can zoom in on you.

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