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High distinction for TACET (AAA member) - press release

German Record Critics' Prize

The Stuttgart music production company TACET (in particular the owner of the label, Andreas Spreer) received the honorary certificate "Preis der Deutschen Schallplattenkritik" for "many years of innovative handling of the sound carrier". The award ceremony took place at the beginning of December 2002 in the Berlin Musical Instrument Museum.

Excerpt from the laudation for the award of the honorary certificate:

"Recordings of the TACET music production are worth gold, so to speak, word of that has got around among classical music connoisseurs. Spreer is only bubbling over with ideas on how to preserve the well-known classical repertoire in a new and as natural way as possible on sound carriers , a demanding interpretation is recorded with old tube microphones, but otherwise with the most modern digital equipment. Recently he has done pioneering work in DVD-Audio and has produced some of the most convincing multi-channel productions in the classical field under the term "Real Surround Sound".

This means that years of targeted work and profiling through carefully edited, high-quality classical recordings by a few outstanding artists receive their due recognition and distinction. Unconventional ways of thinking and the enormous ability of TACET owner Andreas Spreer, himself a musician and highly praised sound engineer, have paid off: "We use unusual artistic concepts to produce music for the highest demands in its natural development". In this way, a fine catalog of audiophile branded products was created, which received a wide echo in the media, in some cases even provoked "anthemic reviews".

In the early years it was mainly technology freaks with outrageously expensive stereo systems that became aware of the company, which was founded in 1989 and is based in Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt. Especially since Andreas Spreer was always looking for the most "natural" result in terms of recording technology: The Tacet sound should always be something very special: audiophile without killing the music! As a result, the recordings quickly became synonymous with the unmanipulated acoustic sound. As a result of the continuous development of an artist base, classical music connoisseurs soon discovered the label. You can find top-class names such as Evgeni Koroliov, the Auryn Quartet, the Abegg Trio, the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, the Gaede Trio, Hartmut Lindemann or the Saxon Vocal Ensemble in the record company's catalog.

After thirteen years of company existence, TACET can present a catalog with around 150 CDs, 5 LPs and 10 DVD-Audios, which Andreas Spreer by no means only keeps ready for sworn friends of classical music: "On the contrary, the proportion of TACET fans is getting bigger and bigger. Because you rediscover the music itself. With all its fire, with all its sensual charm! "

In addition to using the best equipment, Andreas Spreer always makes conceptual considerations in order to achieve convincing sound results. Strongly supported by the musicians, especially if they appreciate emotionally committed interpretations - as we know them from great musicians of the past.

TACET likes to experiment. Together with the Stuttgart Chamber Orchestra, Andreas Spreer recorded entertaining works by Boccherini, Sammartini, Scarlatti, Handel, Vivaldi, Biber and Corelli exclusively with tube microphones, tube tape and tube mixer under the motto "Die Röhre - The Tube". The CD (and the LP - editor's note) became a bestseller. TACET provides support. With the founding of the "Eigenart" edition, a forum was created based on the "Filmverlag der Automobiles", in which artists produce themselves and also retain the rights to the recording. In this case, TACET only acts as a service provider by means of high-quality recording quality and worldwide sales.

TACET is doing pioneering work. The introduction of the Digital Versatile Disc Audio Standard (DVD-Audio) in particular is an area for innovative investments for Andreas Spreer. The large storage capacity of the new medium is used to produce recordings in surround sound (TACET Real Surround Sound).

Hanover / Stuttgart-Bad Cannstatt, October 2002

Press contact

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Analog Tube Audio - September 2002 press release

Pickup gallery, bronze knife edge bearing for SME
My long-cherished wish for a gallery for pickups has been implemented or the beginning has been made. I have set up a pickup gallery on my site that is constantly being expanded. The criterion for the gallery is not "expensive", but the pickup should simply be interesting. You can find images and information from Decca systems to Supex MCs.

The link to the gallery:

Another novelty is a bronze knife edge bearing for the SME 3009/3012 tonearm. With this bearing, even the last doubters can be convinced, especially of the SME 3012.

Robert Graetke
Analog Tube Audio

J&S HiFi service

M. Jade and Dipl.-Ing. R. Schutt GbR
sell a transformer specially tailored to the classic Denon DL103 pickup, which, according to their own statement, "leads the DL103's holistic music reproduction to perfection".

The transformer is offered individually or at a low price together with a new Denon DL103.

E-mail: R Rubble at t-online dot de or MJade at t-online dot de
Tel .: 02845-794814 in the evenings and on weekends
Fax: 02845-794815

Press release from KARLEV-AUDIO AG / reson audio gmbh

Classic Records - collaboration ended

"After more than seven years (four in Germany) successful distribution of Classic Records sound carriers, we are unfortunately forced to end our cooperation with Classic Records In addition, we, as music lovers and record player manufacturers, cannot support the new record format (Quiex SV-P, 200g with flat profile), as it will not be played correctly on record players that have been set up correctly Catalog of high-quality and (VTA-) compatible 180g pressings available from our warehouses in Germany and Switzerland.
The EMI Testament titles will of course continue to be sold by us. "

Edda White

reson audio gmbh

New internet shop with turntables and accessories from Pro-Ject

Here you can find everything to do with turntables from Pro-Ject, from complete entry-level turntables to high-end drives, as well as cartridges, tonearms, spare parts and accessories.

Garrott Brothers

There are pickups from the Garrott Brothers again!

Internet: Tivoli Hi-Fi

10% discount for AAA members at Hifi @ home

Hifi @ home grants all AAA members a 10% discount on the entire product range. The only exceptions are "special offers".

Please have your membership number ready!

Hifi @ home
Mülforterstr. 178
D-41238 Mönchengladbach
Tel .: 02166-982660
Fax: 02166-458820
E-mail: info at hifiathome dot de

Decca London

The legendary pickups from Decca London are back in stock!


Analog is still not quite dead *

20 years after its first presentation, the legendary analog AMPEX ATR tape machine is available again! The current version is called ATR-108 C and is available as a 2-track, 16-track and 24-track machine. The amplifier electronics come from the specialist Aria Reference and consist of purely discrete Class A modules.

* Exceptions: Linn and Naim ;-)

Wahn & Sinn is back

Günther Schachinger from Wahn & Sinn is back from oblivion.

With immediate effect, his LP-CD shop has reopened in his apartment at Fabrikstrasse 1 in Linz: yes, there is more than enough vinyl. New, new editions and second hand. Just drop by.

Wahn & Sinn Records
Günther Schachinger
Fabrikstrasse 1
A-4020 Linz
Tel .: 0732-784514

Record comeback (source: dpa)

"Around 20 years after the invention of the CD, the silver disc competition grew from an opponent who had long since become a case for the history books: the good old long-playing record. ..."

More under Audio-Stereoplay Hifi + Music News

The vinyl party at WDR 2

On Christmas Day, WDR 2 will host the vinyl party in the broadcasting center. Günter vom Dorp moderates the show from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Do you have a special story to tell about one of your records? If possible, you should bring them with you and of course have time on December 26th to come to the show.

Exhibition invitation Audiostudio Klangspiel Press release October 2002

On Saturday, November 16, 2002 from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sunday, 11/17/2002 from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., Audiostudio Klangspiel will present two extraordinary music playback systems every hour. The venue is the Villa Musica, Auf der Bastei 3, 55131 Mainz (opposite the Dorint Hotel).

On the one hand, you will experience the surround sound process invented by Dabringhaus and Grimm. You hear 6-channel recorded DVDs via a 6-channel playback system. The space and acoustic size mapping is great! Werner Darbringhaus will personally support the event on both days.

As part of this weekend event, a Mozart recording on Saturday, October 16, 2002 will be awarded a music prize. This recording was made by musicians from the Villa Musica ensemble and recorded in 6 channels by Dabringhaus and Grimm.

The musicians of the Ensemble Villa Musica will receive the award between 2 p.m. and 3 p.m. You will likely bring your musical instruments too ...

On the other hand, we offer you music from the "good old" record with the LaMusika system at the highest sound level. Here music playback becomes an immediate musical experience - live-like. A pleasure for every music lover. The presentation will be carried out by Alfred Rudolph, the spiritual father of this system, and myself.

In the adjoining rooms, the company Audio Desk Systems, Mr. Glersch his achievements in the field of CD / DVD sound optimization, the company Clearaudio their current record players and accessories. The Analogue Audio Association will inform you about their ideas for the preservation and care of the record.

Audiostudio chime
Klaus Münch
At the Ochsenwiese
D-55124 Mainz-Gonsenheim
Tel .: 06131-7615013

4th Darmstadt Blues Week

Blues on Vinyl, Sunday, October 13th, 2002 from 12 noon

It's an eventful day for fans of the good old record. You can bring your black discs, introduce them or just listen. And of course also swap or sell on the stock exchange. Musically, the duo "BLUE FRAME" - Holger Fehr (git) and Jochen Geißler (git, harp, voc) - will accompany the event.

Venue: Batschnass, DA, Im Zentralbad

The complete calendar of events is available at