What is the most basic cooling system

New heating in the old building: efficient and professional modernization

What do I have to consider if I choose condensing technology?

A modern condensing boiler requires an adapted flue system that is designed for lower flue gas temperatures. In addition, it must be ensured that the condensate that collects in the exhaust system is collected and drained. A common waste water connection near the boiler is sufficient for this.

Does my boiler room comply with fire protection regulations?

The boiler room must be accessible from a hallway through a fire door. Beyond that, no other rooms may be directly adjacent. The heating specialist clarifies further details during an on-site inspection.

Will the heating engineer come through the door with the new boiler?

Many doors in old buildings are not yet standardized to the usual 80 centimeters wide. Make sure that your doors are wide enough for the system to be installed. In the case of compact gas systems, kitchen or bathroom doors should be wide enough, depending on where the gas boiler is installed.

How do you know if the room and door are high enough for installation?

In old buildings, make sure that the boiler is tilted, i.e. the diagonal of the device, not just the height. Because the heating installer has to tilt the boiler for transport and installation. The tilting dimension is therefore always higher than the pure installation height. The best way to clarify this is to make an appointment with the heating contractor on site.

How do you protect the renovated old building from mold?

In addition to the heating, you have also modernized doors, windows or the facade to ensure adequate thermal insulation. This leads to a change in the air circulation and humidity in the old building, as the natural exchange of air takes place less. To prevent mold growth, fresh air must be exchanged. Regular ventilation should therefore be ensured. Decentralized living space ventilation is also an option here. You can find out more about this in our guide to domestic ventilation.