Which model is better in jbl

JBL Bluetooth speaker comparison 2021

Before you decide on a model and connect your new JBL bluetooth speaker for the first time, you should first know when and where you are most likely to use the device become.

Is you Mobility most important, do you have to Loss of sound accept. Find a rather robust device for the garden, pay attention accordingly Weather resistance. They are also important Battery life and the Charging time as well as the Functionality.

The test of Bluetooth speakers by Stiftung Warentest is up-to-date and now includes more than 50 models, including, of course, from JBL. However, there is no separate JBL Bluetooth speaker test.

3.1. The output power determines the sound quality and bass

The output power in watts indicates how much power the JBL Bluetooth speaker can bring and also determines the power consumption. More power usually means better sound, but also shorter battery life at higher volume.

Devices with 40 watts also have decent bass, the compact class with 3-6 watts hardly.

3.2. Mid-range devices score with their long range and battery life

Especially outdoors and at parties, it is important that the JBL Bluetooth speaker lasts as long as possible. The maximum battery life in hours (h), which you can also find in the JBL Bluetooth speaker operating instructions, provides information on how many hours the box can last with a fully charged battery and low volume before it has to be charged.

The charging process itself can take a little longer for some models. The Battery charge time in h ranges from two hours for compact models up to 4.5 hours on some larger devices.

Many models can also be Charge via USB on the mobile phone. The maximum range is important when the source of the sound is a little further away. For example, if the host of the garden party goes around and has the music-making smartphone in his pocket, the range of the boxes should be slightly higher.

Wide range: Interestingly, the mid-range price range for JBL boxes is the one with the greatest range. The Charge and Flip series convince with ranges of around 30 meters, while the Xtreme class has to make do with only around 10 meters.

3.3. Special functions for party and social listening

The mid-range and premium category JBL Bluetooth speakers in particular have a few nice additional functions, about one Speakerphoneif a call interrupts playback from the smartphone.

With the so-called Social mode you can connect up to three smartphones with one Connect the JBL bluetooth speakerso that multiple users can play their favorite songs one after the other without having to reconnect each time. in the Party mode however, can pair several speakers with each other.

3.4. Weight and handling - if you want to be mobile

Would you like to take your new JBL Bluetooth loudspeaker with you to another location more often? Then the dimensions in cm and the weight in kg are decisive. However, the sound suffers considerably with the very light models. JBL also offers outdoor speakers that adapt better to the outside space.

The JBL Charge 3 Bluetooth speaker is a good compromise between sound quality, long battery life, long range and moderate weight.