Avoid using PayPal credit for tax

How can I see all charges on PayPal?

Hello dear community,

A few weeks ago I submitted my follow-up application for ALGII and indicated my account movements accordingly. The office where I am registered always requests the last 6 weeks before submitting the application.

Now I am almost hit by the blow when I received a letter with the following content as an answer:

"The account statements you submitted only show debits from PayPal and internet orders, no cash withdrawals or card payments for groceries. You are therefore asked to inform us in writing of the financial means you use to make a living (groceries, etc.)."

The reason why I only very rarely have direct debits for groceries is that my mother and relatives bring me home-cooked food or freeze about once a week so that I have at least a little less expenses in this life situation. In addition, I am not a great eater anyway and unfortunately suffer from depression, which often makes my appetite difficult. So I can easily get food worth around € 50 for the entire month.

My question now is whether this does not exceed a limit just because there have been no transactions for groceries on the bank statements for the last 6 weeks, or is the office completely right here?