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Buy Witchboards Ouija Boards Hexenbretter - Wiener Blutgasse

Buy Witchboards Ouija Boards Hexenbretter - Wiener Blutgasse

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  • Here in the Viennese online witchboard shop (unfortunately no longer in stock)

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Buy witchboards Witchboard with tree of life

Very nice black witchboard with tree of life (Yggdrasil) - with dragon motifs, handcrafted from teak veneer. All boards are of course delivered with a planchette and a quick guide, size: approx 58cm x 43cm

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Buy Witchboards Witchboard Ouija, Celtic black

Witchboard Celtic black - with a frame made of Celtic patterns, handcrafted from teak veneer. All witchboards are of course delivered with a planchette and brief instructions, size: approx 58cm x 43cm

  • Buy Witchboard Celtic black

Buy Witchboards Witchboard Gothic Bat

Witchboard Gothic Bat - with Gothic motifs, handcrafted from teak veneer. All witch boards are of course delivered with a planchette and a quick guide, size: approx 58cm x 43cm

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Buy witchboards witchboard with pentagram

New! our cheap witchboard with pentagram in the middle - Ouija board with Celtic pattern, bat and pentagram decorated made of teak, size: approx 40cm x 40cm

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  • all witchboards can only be pre-ordered here in the Witches Vienna online shop
  • Ouija Hexenbrett Witchboard to search and buy here: Witchboard Pentagram
  • Ouija Hexenbrett Witchboard to search and buy here: Witchboard Tree of Life
  • Ouija Hexenbrett Witchboard to search and buy here: Witchboard Engel

Instructions - golden rules! and never ask if ...

  • Witchboard.net: Witchboard in general and the rules! Homepage

Witch boards, witch boards, ouijaboard experiences

Anyone planning to use the witchboard should familiarize themselves with the following rules, as there may be a risk in some situations. To avoid this, there are these rules that should be in every good book and therefore other aspects that seem important

Summon the ghost board .. Call your ghosts!

  • Inexperienced people should never question the board alone!
  • Mental preparation for reducing stress and aggression.
  • No people such as criminals, mentally ill, addicts, etc. should participate.
  • Make sure to switch off the telephone, cell phone, bell, television, radio and more!
  • Never question the board when you are stressed and / or angry with someone!
  • You must never question the board under the influence of alcohol or drugs!
  • Never question the board under fear!
  • Treat the spirits with great respect!
  • Never bring the spirits to anything, command them, or anything like that!
  • The witchboard is anything but a toy or a party gag!
  • All questions should be asked precisely and as briefly as possible.
  • If a ghost doesn't want to answer a question, it has its reasons!
  • If all that is given is nonsensical answers, the mind seems to infatuate the participants. Then the best thing to do is to end the session.
  • Ghosts don't like to be laughed at.
  • In a meeting, focus on the board and not have other conversations with one another. The mind wants to be noticed.
  • When a ghost is upset, one should end the session.
  • If a ghost does not want to talk or does not want to be disturbed, one should end the session.
  • Ghosts don't like being filmed.
  • Never question the power of a ghost and tell it to prove it!
  • Never offer, grant or give freedom to the spirit!
  • There should be no mirrors in the room in which the survey takes place!
  • Always remember: You are dead, I am still alive! Never let a ghost influence you!

Witchboard.net: Witchboard in general and the rules! Homepage

One more guide - The mystery of the Ouija boards

Witchboard, Witch Board or Wicca Board Instructions

The ouija board (the ouija), also known as the talking board or witchboard, is much more than just a board game that can be used to communicate with the souls of the deceased. The Ouija board can be a gateway to another world. The board is a paranormal means of communication, which makes it possible to come into contact with spirit beings. There are two theories trying to explain the ouija board phenomenon. One says that the planchette is moved by the entities from the intermediate world who communicate with the people on the board. The other theory tries to explain the movements of the planchette with unconscious muscle contractions and signals from the subconscious of the people who work on the board - which in turn does not rule out communication with the intermediate world

  • ouija.ch: Instructions for working with the Ouija board homepage

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Ouija Wiki - a medium for spirits and otherworldly contacts

In many countries OUIJA is seen as a parlor game. It is also called the “witchboard” and in German usage the witch's board. The term witchboard can be found in the USA as early as 1875, and is traditionally more widespread there. There the mystical letter boards are not only known as witchboard, but also as talking board, channeling board, miracle board or ouijaboard.

Weegie, alphabet board, soul writer or talking board ..

The word Ouija was formed from the French word "Oui" (which means "ja") and the German word "ja"

On a Ouija board, characters are shown, usually the alphabet, as well as the digits and the words "yes" and "no". On some boards there are additional words like “Thank you”, “I'm waiting”, “End”, “I'm leaving”, or the like. There is also a pointer that can mark a character. To use it, you have to put your hands on it and wait some time for it to move on the board. The marked characters then result in a message. Usually these messages are interpreted as signals from paranormal beings. The guide of the pointer is not aware of any influence on its movement across the board. Wikipedia: Ouija Homepage

Witchboard books and movies tips

  • Books on the subject will be available soon, films are all sold out

Witchboard World: Ouija Boards Collection and Tips


Glass back, table back

Under Back of glassesAlso called glasses or table backs (in Austria), one understands a method with which an attempt is made to establish contact with the souls of the deceased by means of an upturned drinking glass and a circle of letters

The participants sit in a circle around a table, in the middle of which is the glass with the circle of letters surrounding it. Everyone puts a finger on the glass. Then questions are asked. The answers are then put together from the letters to which the glass moves one after the other

The commuting

Have you ever commuted? That's a great thing. Just hold a pendulum very still over a pendulum card. Like a cake, it is divided into several fields - and in each field there is, for example, a job. Without much practice, the pendulum will swing exactly over the field that comes closest to your job

But pendulums can supposedly do a lot more: In the blurb of the book "Grundkurs Pendeln" it says: "Pendulum was already practiced successfully in antiquity. It can not only track down hidden water veins or archaeological treasures, but also answer everyday questions such as For example: Will I get this medicine or food? Is this job the right one for me? Does my partner suit me? Which characteristics do I have myself ...?

Magic Board and the Book of Shadows in Charmed:

When Piper and Phoebe deal with an old magic board, its pointer moves by itself and spells the word attic. At first only Phoebe sees it, but then Piper too. In the attic, Phoebe finds the Book of Shadows, a family heirloom that becomes the fate of the three sisters. Without knowing the magical powers of the family, Phoebe reads aloud from the book and thus conjures up the magical powers of the three sisters - the power of three the shadow book for pre-order here in the witch shop in Vienna


Based on the Greek word "esoterikós" (philosophical teachings of Aristotle, which were only intended for a limited group of students), the French occultist Eliphas Lévi created this term in 1870. Today it is used as a collective term for world views that assume the existence of the supernatural. Esoteric teachings are influenced by religions, occultism and mysticism "Wiki: Esoterik Homepage