Why did Chinese state media attack Apple?

Apple apologizes in China

After heavy criticism in China about the bad treatment of Chinese customers and insufficient warranty periods, Apple boss Tim Cook has apologized. A "lack of communication" gave the impression that his company was "arrogant" and did not appreciate the opinion of its customers, admitted Cook in a letter published on Tuesday on the Chinese website. "We sincerely apologize for any concerns or misunderstandings this may have caused customers."

The Apple boss ordered an extension of the warranty period for the repair of an iPhone 4 and 4S in China by another year. Cook also issued more accommodating regulations for the replacement of damaged devices. While only parts were replaced in the past, customers should now be able to get a new iPhone, as the letter shows. The customer service in China is to be supervised more closely and the staff of Apple dealers better trained.

State media attacked Apple

The wave of outrage in China began in mid-March when a report by the state television CCTV attacked the cell phone and computer company on World Consumer Day for deficiencies in customer service. While Apple did not react immediately to the allegations, other state media intensified the criticism and called the supervisory authorities to the scene. The communist party organ "People's Daily" even wrote in a comment that it wanted to quell Apple's "incomparable arrogance".

zdh / kis (dpa, rtr, AP)