Why can infographic maps be so misleading


Since there are always many and similar inquiries on certain topics, we decided to create a link & info collection here, because you should read the forum rules anyway!

  • General requests
  • General
  • General information about TQIT
  • Problems with TQIT
  • Problems with the character, monsters or with quests
  • Other topics
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General requests
  • First search, then think, then post, that's the order!
    So you can absolutely avoid all the threads with the same questions. An experienced user is happy to provide information, but this willingness to help is often misused to circumvent personal initiative.
[Quote from Joffix]

- Regarding answers in / and topics where the last post is already of a certain age!

Please always pay attention to the date of the last post and if it is more than 1-2 months old, then please do not write a new answer, unless ...

1.) It is a topic where a specific problem was discussed and a suggested solution did not help you!

2.) Your answer can add something really relevant and new to the topic!

If these 2 things do not apply, then please do not write an answer - thank you !!!

  • Addition regarding answers / questions to / to users
Just as with the "last post and its date", you should also pay attention to questions and answers to users whether the person addressed is still "active" in the forum.

The easiest way to see this is to click the button clicks and then on "Show all contributions from ", in the list you can now see when the last amount was created. If this was a few months (years !?) ago, then there is a great chance that the user will no longer be active.

If so, then it would be better not to add a direct answer to the topic here either!

- double postings!

Actually, double postings are not welcome! Forum rules / point 6

As always: exceptions prove the rules!

E.g. in bazaar topics, in guides, in multiplayer topics (where players are searched for).
Furthermore also "still" in topics where problems are discussed, but only if "something new / relevant is / would be added" and then this would be a double posting!
  • “And otherwise please don't - thank you!
In addition, you can also change / expand / correct your own contributions at any time using the [EDIT] button, which should also be used.

- Quoting contributions!

Regarding correct quoting, see quoting on Usenet and please noFOTUdo, this is not necessary!
Or see here: BBCode help.

- Who is responsible for what in the forum!

Our adminTeliasis the contact person when it comes to the portal page (content, downloads, etc.) and for access / user problems. We moderators (Citara, handball freak, Sedriss and I (FOE)) are responsible for everything in the forum (topics and posts and their content).


- Netiquette @ Wikipedia
- behavior in Usenet
- eEtiquette - 101 guidelines for the digital world
Basics / general rules of conduct that should be observed and adhered to in forums or on Usenet.

- Common abbreviations / net jargon @ Wikipedia
- Basic terms of the (MO) RPG: Run, farm, etc.
List of some of the most important abbreviations in web jargon and in TQIT and similar games. E.g. "AFAIK", "IMHO" etc.

- FAQ from the forum, etc. with BBCode instructions
Basic questions and answers about the forum! For example, how to format your text, add links, etc.!

- User ranks (the text under the nickname)
A listing of the avatar titles - according to the number of posts in this forum.

- Bazaar rules
What should such a bazaar topic look like in terms of content and what should be taken into account.

- Community Contents
Thread for the news articles of the same name on the portal page.

- How do I post pictures in the forum?
List of the steps necessary to post a screenshot in the forum.
- Your skill on TitanCalc
List of the steps necessary to post your character skill in the forum.

- TitanQuest creators set up new studio
- No sequel? / Titan Quest 2?
There won't be a Titan Quest 2 ?! Here you will find older and newer news and speculations. Some guys from the bankrupt IronLore have already started a new studio.

- Tips and tricks in the game
A list of numerous little tips and tricks in the game. Do you also have a "trick" for playing in the world of TQ and this is not yet mentioned here, you can add it here.

- Name of your character?
Here you can share the (creative) names of your characters with the other forum users.

- How many times have you died?

- Playing style with a mixture of self-sound and global self-sound
Here one possibility is shown how one can continue to play "with" one's TQVault item pool through self-imposed regulations.

General information about TQIT

- Frequently Asked TITAN QUESTions & Tips for Beginners
First point of contact for all possible and impossible questions about the game

- Information about the patches, including bugfix fan patch
What has changed with which patch ...
- Performance problems / further patch ...
Effects of the last official patch on the game.
- List of known issues / list of errors / bugs from TQIT
A list of the (mostly) known bugs of TQIT.

- FAQ Immortal Throne
All kinds of information about the addon.

- TitanQuest lexicon of values
Frequently asked topics (game mechanics) are listed here. From the calculation of certain damage to the behavior of different values ​​under the Titan Quest bonnet. A list of the most common abbreviations / terms for TQIT is new.

- [Overview] Monster Lexica
- Bestiary - The Mythological Monster Lexicon, The Great Boss Guide, Heroes Overview (Catwalk) and much more. ...
"Caution, contains spoilers. Use at your own risk. "
A lot of information about the individual creatures that one encounters in TQIT has been brought together here.

- Lexicon of championships and their skills
General topic with additional information about the championships and links to the individual championships in the topic or for each championship forum

- New overview of all classes!
List of all classes including preferences (weapons, etc.), one
possible attribute distribution and an evaluation (beginners / advanced / hardcore).
- Help with choosing the class
A further list for the selection of a class, according to the points of view of aggressive / defensive / support of the championships.

- Guide overview
A sorted overview of most of the guides in the Foum.

- Good green items & locations
In this list you will find frequently asked green items that are more or less seldom to be found and can have considerable bonuses up to legendary.
- Rare green items - Monster Infrequents
Here is a list of the rare green items - also known as monster-specific items or monster infrequents.
- Overview: all items that give skills!
A list of skills that can be additionally obtained through certain items.

- Relic lists
Here you will not only find the finished relic or the ingredients for production, but also the effect that the complete relic has - i.e. the bonus, and also the possible completion bonuses of each relic that you can have.
- Artifact lists
Everyone knows that they need a lot of relics, scrolls and other artifacts to make artifacts, here you can see what is needed for which artifact.

- Instructions for adding new character skins to the game
Hang out the look of the female or male character on the neck ... this can be used to change that!

- [Overview] Maps, Mods & other tools
A list of the additional, external "extensions" relating to TQIT.

- Easter Eggs - overview
A collection of the various Easter Eggsin TQIT.

- Nobody character (game character without Mastery with level 17)
A way to test whether you might like a class or not.

- Collective topic for cheat discussions
The name is self-speaking, the global topic of the cheat items (a list of the 100% cheated items known to us.) And trade or cheat? (Discussion on the topic of cheating and TQVault ...).

- Playing style with a mixture of self-sound and global self-sound
A guide / suggestion for playing with items that have been stored via TQVault.

Problems with TQIT

- Solutions to technology problems / technology inquiries
Your TQIT is not running smoothly or not at all ?! Then you might find a solution here!

- Broken quests / side quests -> possible solution
Problems with a main or side quest?!? The possible solution for this could be found here!

- TQVault - swap / manage items
What to do with the many good items ?! Here you can find everything about the tool!
- Items disappeared from the caravan / * Solution *
You play TQIT on several PCs and want to use the caravan on all of them !? Here is how to do it!

- Reinstallation - what do I have to consider?
Which data (from TQIT) must be backed up and what else has to be taken into account when reinstalling the PC or upgrading to a new one.

- How do I play downloaded maps?
Problems getting a map / mod for TQIT to work ?! Here you can find out the necessary steps!

- TQ savegame tool for TQ and TQ: IT!
A small, external tool to save your character data.
- [Tool] GameSave Manager
Another tool for backing up game data that supports multiple games.

Problems with the character, monsters or with quests

- Catwalk - show your character
General topic to present a picture of your character.

- [Collective topic] Class discussion TQIT
This topic is intended to serve as a "general" platform for discussing TQIT's standard classes, should you ever need tips on your character.
- [Collective topic] Class discussion Masteries Mod
See about it, only for characters of the Masteries Mod.
- [Collective topic] Class discussion for "Underlord Mod" (Occultist)
And another one for the "Underlord Mod" (Occultist), since the championships there differ a little from the standard championships.

- Monster appearances and their talismans
Which monster can be found where (and what can you possibly get from them).

- [Collective topic] Additional bosses (Manticora etc.)
- Project "Boss Guide"
Problems with a boss monster ?! A solution could be found here!

- Heroes overview (catwalk)
List of (us) known MiniBossMonsters (the ones with the star above their heads).

- Turtle Level ?!
Where is the secret level and how do I get into it ?! The solution can be found there!

- Task DB
Problem with completing a quest ?! Here - via the portal - you can read what to do!
- Problems with side quest -> solution
Another reference work, spec. for the side quests.
- Engl. Complete solution @ GameBanshee
For everyone who speaks the English language, a complete route description, including pictures, is available there.

Other topics

- [Overview] Tutorials for Editor, ArtManager and Co.
You want to make your own map, or even a mod, for TQIT ?! Then you will find an overview of numerous tutorials for modding here.

- Tips and tricks for Windows XP ...
Things that would have to be taken into account with XP (possibly also Vista)!?!

- [Info] graphics card driver
Where can the current driver be downloaded and which one is it ...
- [Tool] GPU-Z Video card GPU Information Utility
What can my graphics card do, what performance values ​​does it have ...
- [Info] New DirectX 9c version ...
Which is the current version of DirectX 9 ...

- [Info] Packing programs / formats: ZIP, RAR etc.
If the terms ZIP, RAR etc. don't mean anything to you, then you should take a look at this topic ...

Create a link to forum / topics / posts

Creating a link to the forum / topic is easy, just click the forum / topic in the overview with the right mouse button and select "Copy link" (IE) or "Copy link address" FireFox 3 ", so you have the address in the Clipboard.
You can now simply insert them into the topic, or pack them nicely, according to the pattern ...

Code: Select all

... whereby the underlining would still be necessary, but IMO makes it clearer.

Creating a link to a post is similar ...

... In the picture you can see a small document icon to the left of "Posted on: ...", if you click on this, "this post" will be reopened and you can then copy the associated link for this post in the address line ! If you use the FF, it is even easier by clicking the right mouse button and then selecting "Copy left address" in the menu and this is then saved in the clipboard.

I.e. the link to this post should look like this:

Code: Select all


See also here under the BBCode help.

- Special case:
Sometimes addresses contain special characters like "Spaces"or '(Apostrophe) or ( )(Brackets).
These characters are not correctly "read" in the forum as link addresses and must be displayed differently.
Instead of a special character, the hexadecimal ASCII value must be written so that the link works correctly.
I.e. for the 'you have to %27write instead ( )belongs %28 %29here and there "Spaces"is %20!
(ASCII table see here ...)

More / Use different colors / Spoilers

In addition to the contribution from Handball freak, I have found a good link (*) here to get the hex values ​​that you need to be able to display colors other than the available ones!

See also the BBCode help.

For example, the following code can be used for a "spoiler":

Code: Select all

Then results in ...


(*) ... But you need Java for this, or it must not be blocked.

Various links

- Targeted farming in the files according to Uniques
For all those who want to farm missing uniques without running around uselessly in files in which what they are looking for cannot drop at all, lists have been created there that show the files for all uniques in which they can drop (external topic @ Gamona / Titan Quest HQ).

- Pre- and suffix list of items
Listing of the prefix and suffix of the items in Titan Quest and Immortal Throne

- Random affixes for uniques
List of unique items, i.e. epic and legendary items that can have affixes

- Arcane formula drop chance
(external link / PDF @ Gamona / Titan Quest HQ)

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