Why is wagering on sports illegal?

Sports betting in Germany: a legal gray area

News from bussgeldkatalog.org, published on: May 24, 2019

Sports betting is currently in a gray area in Germany.

Borussia Dortmund, Hertha BSC, Bayern Munich - These teams are not only connected by their membership in the first Bundesliga. The clubs mentioned also have sponsorship agreements with major betting providers on the Internet. Sports betting is very popular, and more and more providers are entering the German market. There are no uniform rules that make it possible to offer sports betting legally. In this article you can read why this is not an obstacle for betting providers.

Illegal Gambling: Possible Sanctions

The penalties for illegal gambling range from Fines to heavy fines and even imprisonment. You can find out which violations can lead to which consequences in the table below.

Allows minors to participate in a game of chanceFine of up to 50,000 euros
Sports betting brokered without a licenseThe amount of the fine is determined individually by the federal states
Unauthorized staging of a game of chanceImprisonment for up to two years or a fine
Participation in unauthorized gamblingImprisonment of up to six months or a fine

The problem with the license for sports betting providers

In the meantime, the 3rd amendment to the State Treaty on Gaming has been adopted in Germany.

The State Treaty on Gambling in Germany (also the State Treaty on Gaming or GlüStV) was passed between all 16 German federal states and finally came into force on 1.1.2008. The aim of the state treaty is, among other things, to prevent gambling and betting addiction, as well as the To ensure youth and player protection.

With regard to sports betting, the original version saw an unrestricted state monopoly on gambling Sports betting company Oddset in front. On September 8, 2010, however, the European Court of Justice ruled that this monopoly position violates European law. This paved the way for private betting providers on the German market.

In December 2011, all federal states, with the exception of Schleswig-Holstein, signed an Interstate Gambling Treaty, which came into force on July 1, 2002. This provided that Private providers are now also admitted to the sports betting market should be.

For this purpose a Award procedure introduced by which 20 licenses for betting providers were intended. 2015 became this Procedure stopped again. Thus, European law currently still applies, so Betting operator with a European license are allowed to offer sports betting online in Germany without having to fear criminal consequences or the like.

Interesting: On September 11th, 2011, Schleswig-Holstein passed its own “Law on the Reorganization of Gambling”. This allowed private sports betting providers and online casinos from the state to acquire a license for five years. After a new government was formed by the SPD, Greens and SSW, this special regulation was ended in January 2013.

Third Gambling Amendment Agreement adopted in March 2019

On March 21, 2019, a third gambling amendment agreement decided. The specific content is not yet known, but it has already been leaked that, from January 2020, permits will be issued to all sports betting providers who adhere to the rules of the protection of players and minors.

It remains to be seen to what extent a regulation will be created in Germany that does not violate European requirements and brings a little more legal certainty to the area of ​​sports betting.

Young people need to be protected from access to gambling

However, sports betting providers who are able to act in Germany based on the requirements of the European Court of Justice are also bound by German laws. In terms of gambling mainly plays Section 6 (2) Youth Protection Act (JuSchG) an important role:

Children and young people may only participate in games with the possibility of making a profit in public at folk festivals, rifle festivals, fairs, special markets or similar events and only on the condition that the profit consists of goods of low value.

Minors so it is prohibited, Sports betting of any kind complete. The respective betting provider must therefore ensure that online offers are only used by people who have already reached the age of 18.

By the way: If minors achieve a large profit with a sports bet, the betting provider is not obliged to pay this out. However, the bookmaker threatens Fine of up to 50,000 euros for a violation of the Youth Protection Act.

This is how you can identify dubious providers of sports betting

Dubious sports betting providers: You should be suspicious of extremely high odds.

A consumer is not threatened with a fine if he is at one dubious provider makes a sports bet, but it can quickly come to the fact that the person concerned no winnings paid out become.

Dubious betting providers feature does not have the German betting license. These are owned by reputable providers, such as the brands betway, bwin, tipico or bet-at-home. But how exactly should users know when it is a dubious provider for sports betting?

First of all, you should use the Take a close look at the website. Licensed providers have some features that cannot be found in dubious offers. It can refer to one, for example Note on addiction prevention act.

In addition, the reputable bookmakers have one Customer servicewho can often be reached not only by e-mail or chat, but also by phone. According to the Youth Protection Act, providers must also prevent minors from entering into sports betting.

Therefore, as a rule, is one Verification of identity necessary. When registering, you must therefore send a copy of your identity card as well as a bank statement or a corresponding invoice, from which your address can be seen, to the respective betting provider by e-mail (the other information, such as the account balance, can of course be blacked out).

You can find betting providers here at wettieter.org with license from Germany. With these you can be sure that your bet is in good hands and that any winnings will be paid out quickly.

Is no identification whatsoever you should be puzzled. Other characteristics of a dubious provider can utopian high odds or one Limited to just one or two ways to deposit be.

Summary: Recognize reputable and dubious sports betting providers

Reputable sports betting providersDubious sports betting providers
Have a German betting licenseDo not have a German betting license
Check identity and age with ID card, bank statement or invoiceDo not check identity and age
Provide advice on addiction preventionPromise high odds
Have customer service (email, chat and phone)Offer very few deposit options
Prevent minors from completing sports betsOften winnings do not pay off
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