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When do I book and how much planning time do I need for my Trip to africa?
We are happy to take enough time to work out your individual trip to Africa for you and to find the perfect travel destination with you. At a Self drive trip through Africa or one safari, it is generally advisable to contact us as early as possible in advance. With sufficient lead time, there is a good chance that the desired accommodations will be available. In addition, early booking makes planning your trip much more relaxed for you and there can be price advantages for flight bookings and / or the rental vehicle. But we can always find the right trip to Africa for spontaneous travelers, as we can react very quickly and flexibly in the team and on site.

What do I have to consider with my request?

With TerraVista Erlebnisreisen you have an experienced specialist for Private travel in Africa, Self drive trips and Small group travel at your side. All we need from you is information about how long you would like to stay on site and what general wishes you have. We will take care of everything else and make you a personal offer. Individual and comprehensive customer care is our top priority - so that you can go well prepared for your Africa trip, we are happy to advise you with our many years of experience.
We usually know the accommodations on offer and their owners personally. The well-trained TerraVista travel consultants travel to Africa themselves at regular intervals and maintain close contact with our local partners. This enables us to advise you personally and based on our own experience and the quality of the trips has a correspondingly high reliability. Through the personal relationship with the owners of the accommodations, we can give you an even better picture of which lodge or farm z. B. has special excursions to offer.

Where should my trip go - which country in Africa would I like to visit?

Finding the right country for a trip to Africa is primarily a question of good advice and support, because this continent is very diverse and every travel destination has its own highlights and unique experiences to offer. We would be happy to advise you in advance about which country is suitable for a self-drive tour through Africa or a safari on your own and which travel destination is better to explore in a small group with a German-speaking guide or as a private trip. Both the east of Africa, with Tanzania, Kenya, Uganda and Ethiopia, and the south with Namibia, Botswana and South Africa are wonderful African travel destinations. While East Africa, with its vast savannahs, is ideal for guided safaris, the south is the perfect mix for everyone diverse interested people and still offers its visitors regions and national parks, which can be seen as real insider tips. From the impressive Victoria Falls in Botswana to the Kalahari Desert of Namibia, there is a suitable region for every taste.
Which travel destination you choose also depends on how much time you want to spend there and what your preferences are. For trips to South Africa and Namibia, we recommend that our customers plan a time window of around 3 weeks, as they often drive a bit longer distances here in order to be able to explore the most beautiful regions of the country. In East Africa, Tanzania and Kenya, as well as the natural paradise of Botswana, two weeks are usually enough. Because here you will experience a much more intense safari experience. Furthermore, the focus in these countries is on animal observation, so that you will experience a lot in just two weeks.

What can we expect on our journey through Africa?

Whether on a small group tour or a rental car tour - in Africa you can expect the unexpected. Because Africa is a special travel destination for explorers and people who are still looking for and love pristine nature. Spectacular sunsets, breathtaking wildlife and wonderful landscapes, combined with hospitable people and ancient traditions, make Africa so diverse and unique.

Is Africa a Safe Travel Destination? Where are rental car tours / safaris best?

Of course, a round trip to Africa cannot be compared with a trip to Europe. The situation and way of life are sometimes exaggerated in the media, many positive topics are often not taken into account. Certainly there are countries in Africa, e.g. Tanzania and Kenya, where we would not send our customers on a self-drive tour. In these countries we prefer to offer our customers safely guided tours in small groups, where you can discover the country with a local guide.

Namibia or South Africa, on the other hand, are perfect for taking a rental car tour there and thus exploring these countries individually on your own. For example, Namibia has B. on an area of ​​approx. 825,000 square kilometers just 2.2 million people and is one of the most sparsely populated countries on earth. In addition, the region of southern Africa is politically very stable overall. The people are hospitable and helpful. The infrastructure is now very well developed so that you can move safely through the country - even if you are traveling alone with your rental car. 60% of Namibia consists of natural roads (C and D roads), but they are easy to drive on. We usually plan two or three overnight stays in one place for our guests and also choose the route sections so that you can safely reach your destination. The main roads (B roads) are tarred. For example, the main traffic artery, the B1, which stretches from high above from the north to the south on the border with South Africa. There are also these B roads from east to west that run through all of Namibia. Nevertheless, the natural roads are also paved and easy to drive on. On all other roads or sections of the route to special places (e.g. the Bogenfelsen near Lüderitz Bay), we offer you well-organized guided tours, e.g. B. from the accommodations.

South Africa is also a hospitable and warm travel destination, which is particularly suitable for family trips with its malaria-free garden route. Here you can watch whales, ostriches and lions with your children (or alone) and marvel at beautiful travel regions.

Who loves pure nature and is completely on the Wildlife observation want to concentrate, you are in the right place both in Botswana with its unique national parks and on our guided game drives in Kenya and Tanzania.

Above all, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the country you want to travel to in advance and familiarize yourself with the local culture, the rules of conduct and safety measures. Otherwise, you should exercise the same caution when traveling in and through Africa as you would on other trips and then nothing stands in the way of a safe and enjoyable journey.

Through our many years of travel experience in Africa, e.g. B. at Rental car tours we plan and organize your trip down to the smallest detail. You will receive very comprehensive travel documents, information and maps from us and you can also book excursions in advance (e.g. game drives in an open safari vehicle, sundowner and nature tours, boat trips or balloon rides).

TerraVista Erlebnisreisen also has reliable colleagues on site (usually German-speaking partners in the respective country) who are also available to you as direct contacts.

Which vehicle do I need for an Africa rental car tour? What is to be considered?

As a vehicle, we usually plan an SUV vehicle with a higher wheelbase or a four-wheel drive vehicle for your self-drive tour through Namibia, so that you have the perfect overview on game drives and are also safe on unpaved roads. In Namibia it is important that the vehicle has a higher chassis and thus has a better position on the roads, since 60% of the time you will be driving on dirt roads. The cars are easy to drive because we have had very good experience with them over the years.

For trips through South Africa, e.g. along the so-called garden route, a normal class of car is also sufficient, as you are driving on tarred roads here.
For small group trips, we have provided an air-conditioned, local minibus for you. From these buses you can observe the animals and the landscape on your game drives. In addition, we also offer you Safari and nature tours in open off-road vehicles. In East Africa, where the group size is usually a maximum of 7 people, there are usually all-wheel drive vehicles with a "pop-up" roof.

What types of accommodation and meals are there on an Africa safari or on a self-drive tour or on a small group trip through Africa?

As is often the case, we do not assign stars to our accommodations, but have our own Vista B categories (good middle class) via Vista C (exclusive safari lodges) up to Vista D (family guest farms). In our offers we usually offer you a good mix between Vista B / C / D accommodations. This gives you a bit of everything, because this selection is particularly popular with our TerraVista customers and has proven itself over the years.

During your individual tour through Africa, we usually only offer you accommodation with breakfast, as this gives you more flexibility in deciding on your further meals during the day. Because you don't want to have a rich evening menu or buffet every day, but rather just enjoy a little something. However, it is important to know that even the accommodations in the middle of nature always have their own restaurant where you can have dinner. The quality of the food in Namibia is generally very good and wholesome, as mostly fresh and partly farm-own ingredients are used for cooking.

In the case of small group trips, however, it has proven to be useful to usually include dinner in the program.

If you need or want a special food during your trip (due to food intolerance, allergies, vegetarian / vegan food) please let us know in advance so that we can pass the information on to your lodge or guest farm and thus better address your needs can. Most of the accommodations have adapted their cuisine to the European one, but of course you can also enjoy local cuisine.

Wildlife viewing while traveling in Africa?

As different as the individual countries of Africa are, the animal world in the east is not the same as that in the south of Africa. There are both large game and huge herds of ungulates in both regions. In Namibia the Etosha National Park extremely good for Wildlife viewing at. Especially in Tanzania you can go on extensive safaris, e.g. B. through the vastness of the Serengeti, the Tarangire or Lake Manyara National Park to the Wildlife of Africa to explore up close. The success of an animal observation depends on whether it is the rainy or dry season in the respective country. In the rainy season, the animals are not so dependent on the water holes and continue to roam through the parks, which makes observation sometimes more difficult than in the dry season, where the animals cavort at the designated water holes. However, for our TerraVista travelers, who are often on the road for longer in Africa's travel destinations, the in-between and off-season times can also be very attractive for you to travel to Africa. They often spend more time on site than the “classic package tourist”, who often only travels briefly and relatively superficially through the respective country or the national parks and nature reserves.

We also offer our customers mainly small ones Lodges or guest farms most of which have their own animals on the farm. So you can experience exciting animal observations with TerraVista even during the off-season / rainy season.

In East Africa (Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda), wildlife observations will generally be more intensive, as a large number of national parks line up on a relatively manageable land mass and, among other things, large herds of zebra and wildebeest roam the national parks and nature reserves in search of fresh green. A good example of this, in addition to the Serengeti, is the Masai Mara National Park in Kenya, where you can watch the herds' spectacular forays from July to October.
But also in the Chobe National Park, in Botswana, you can marvel at gigantic herds of elephants during the dry season between April and October.

The guided safaris and game drives, both of which are mostly carried out in small groups, are very safe. During these trips you will be brought to the water holes either in minibuses or in four-wheel drive vehicles in order to be able to observe animals there. Our guides make sure that the animals are not disturbed in their natural environment and that they are observed from a safe distance.

Even on a self-drive trip with your own rental vehicle, you are just as safe on the road, as the animals are used to cars and you don't need to worry if you drive carefully and keep your distance. Getting out of the vehicle in the parks is not permitted anyway. On our adventure trips we offer vehicles with a higher wheelbase so that you can sit more comfortably and higher than in a normal vehicle and thus observe the animals safely and easily from your vehicle.

On your tours, please ensure that you stay on the designated roads and have reached your accommodation before sunset (you will also receive our detailed self-drive tips with the booking documents for driving on dirt roads). Driving in the dark is not recommended as this increases the risk of accidents caused by deer crossing.

If you stick to these basic things, the animals of Africa are not dangerous and you can experience breathtaking wildlife viewing, which will make your trip a special one. Here, too, applies again - with us you are in safe and good hands - because we will prepare you for your personal trip to Africa.