Social media marketing career

So how do social media managers earn their daily bread? Because that this job has to involve more than posting photos online on Facebook every day, it should be clear to everyone. In fact, the job description of a social media manager has a lot more to do with Facebook. The concept of classic marketing is known to many, which in the case of the social media manager simply extends to social networks. In the age of digitalization, companies can no longer win a flower pot with advertisements in the local newspaper. Strategies and projects on all common social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are needed in order to remain competitive.

This content, in new German "content", needs to be planned, published online and monitored. This is a task that not only requires a lot of time, but also a good overview and strategic skill. Social media marketing doesn't work on the side. This is exactly why the job description of a social media manager came about. If you are interested in this profession, or if you've just always wanted to know what it actually is, then you've come to the right place. Let's start with the tasks first.

What a social media manager does: tasks and goals

As in other jobs, social media managers have overarching goals and tasks that they have to do every day. The actual core of this profession is the successful communication of the company with users of social networks. This communication is achieved through postings, campaigns and other publications that are intended to arouse interest in a product or company strategy in the users. The success of these strategies must of course be made measurable, which is why the social media manager must master tools that give him information about how successful these campaigns really were.

Specifically in everyday work, this means always being up to date. The permanent view of the cell phone, the tracking of similar posts and the control of the range are just as much a part of it as the discussions with colleagues about the right strategy and the optimal marketing. The following tasks therefore only represent a small spectrum of what a social media manager expects on a daily basis:

  • Writing contributions and postings for social networks
  • Communication with users, customers and internal interfaces
  • Research for relevant content and ideas for campaigns
  • Planning of campaigns and strategies
  • Creation of reports by evaluating analysis tools

These tasks form the basis of the everyday life of a social media manager. Depending on the size of the company, he works in a team and communicates with network partners or partner companies. A lonely desk job is hardly possible. So what do you need for these tasks in order to have long-term fun at work?

The perfect social media manager: what does he bring with him?

One thing is clear: a job like this requires special skills. The world looks a little different online and if something works in traditional marketing, that doesn't mean that it is also the case on social media. In order to still achieve goals and operate successful marketing, you need a few strengths:

  • Adaptability. The digital world is constantly changing. There is therefore no clear description or definition of success. In order to keep up to date and actually bring campaigns to users, a social media manager must always stay up to date. Further training takes on a whole new meaning in this profession. Not only because it is practically a must, but also because the exchange with like-minded people always leads to new and creative ideas. As different strengths complement and inform each other, the social media manager can choose the best strategy for his company.
  • Multitasking. Although this feature has now been frowned upon, in the long run it should reduce attention span and creativity, a social media manager must always have several tasks in view at the same time. The fast pace of the network does not make it possible to only work through a task when a great opportunity arises. A good overview and organizational skills are therefore the key to success.
  • Marketing talent.In this department, it is important to understand and address people's needs. What are the users of a social network talking about? What did the competing company post to appeal to the community? A feeling for the wishes of the target group is therefore almost as important as technical know-how or a reliable way of working.
  • Enthusiasm and motivation. Marketing is not only about inspiring the target group online, but also about the thousands of new ideas that you as a social media manager have every day. After all, a new campaign always has to be approved before it is let loose on the web. A good dose of self-confidence in addition to creativity and inventiveness is therefore a good prerequisite.

With these qualities you are well equipped in this profession for your start in the digital marketing world. Once you've found yourself, it also matters where social media managers actually find job vacancies. After all, you need to know where you will actually work later.

Living and working as a social media manager: these are the areas of application!

As exciting as the tasks and daily work of a social media manager sound, where do they actually work?
The answer to this cannot be narrowed down, because this job description can theoretically occur in any company that offers products or services. Public relations, communication department or customer support: These are keywords under which job offers can be found.

This job description is not technically tied to an economic branch, but can theoretically occur in any area. Whether in telecommunications, the information industry, the media industry or marketing at food manufacturers, social media managers find opportunities to work.

If you are now interested in this job, the first step could be an internship. You can find offers for this here. If, on the other hand, you already have a degree under your belt, you now know what is important for your application and what to expect in this profession. I wish you success!