When do I whitelist an IP address?

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The term whitelist is often used not only in connection with software solutions. Basically it means nothing else than "White list" and denotes a list safer

  • Email address,
  • Postal addresses,
  • People,
  • Urls or
  • Addressees,

Their presence on the list gives them the right to contact and gain access to the person who created the list.

Thus stands the Whitelist in contrast to Blacklistthat should deny access to those listed on it. In connection with Online marketing activities are Whitelists especially important when sending e-mail newsletters. If a sender appears on the blacklist of the major e-mail providers such as Yahoo, Gmail or GMX, the future chances of successfully sending their e-mail newsletters to their customers are poor.

His newsletters are then usually automatically sent by Spam filter recognized and as "Digital garbage" sorted out. Such mailings then land directly in the Spam folder and are deleted by most recipients directly or within a very short time.

Who on the Blacklist Should have landed, its customers and other newsletter recipients must inform and ask in personal Whitelist to be included. However, this usually does not have a good chance of success. It is therefore particularly important to pay attention to your good reputation as an e-mail sender and to behave seriously.

How email senders can stay on the whitelist

There are many ways to find out more about the Whitelist to prove. The most important rule is not to be involved in any illegal activity. For example, it is forbidden for a provider to offer people a Email newsletter without having implemented the double opt-in procedure or even without asking people for permission.

Then file a complaint and report the recipient Newsletter provider by your Providerso the sender can quickly access the Blacklist reach. Another way of being blacklisted is to “overwhelm” recipients with email.

If masses of e-mails are sent to the same addresses within a very short time, the sending IP address also be identified. Even then, it is obvious that the senders will disappear from the whitelist.

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