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Talladega: Interview with Dale Earnhardt Jr.

(Motorsport-Total.com) - Question: "Dale, a question about Talladega. Is this the track where you see the greatest likelihood of ending your winless streak?"
Dale Earnhardt Jr .: "I think you can put it that way. Sure there are still many good opportunities this season, other tracks where I drive quite well. Of course we had a lot of success in Talladega, no doubt about it. I think we have a good one Chance this weekend and that motivates me. "


Dale Earnhardt Jr. won at Daytona - but not the points race

"But in the end I have been feeling it all year. In the last few years I have always been a little more confident in these races than in other races. This season, however, I feel that we actually had a chance to win in every race I drive it in Talladega. We have won a lot of races there. We have loads of fans there and it means a lot to me to drive well in Talladega. Just to be up front, to do a few laps and to get the fans excited, on it I'm happy. "# w1 #

Question: "A particularly interesting story is how well Tony Eury Jr. (Earnhardt's crew chief; editor's note) seems to have integrated into Hendrick Motorsports. Can you describe a little how that worked?"
Earnhardt: "Yes, he has integrated well. It was a double-edged sword for him. Tony got little praise from the organization. He did a great job before the season so we could start the season off well. He did a great job done so far, he gave me good cars and he made good decisions. "

"But he also has as many critics as there are people who praise him. I think that he has seldom been so heavily criticized as this season. I don't even know why he got so much fire. But he goes good with it, he's a tough boy. It motivates him when people question his skills. He can handle it well and then comes across all the more convincing. He has a good ability to tell people what he is worth and how good he is Job is what he does. "

About the Earnhardt fans in Talladega


Tony Eury Jr. and Dale Earnhardt Jr. have been a team for many years

"To be honest: The collaboration between Chad (Knaus, Jimmie Johnson's crew chief; editor's note) and Tony is both fun. Everyone understands that he brings something to the table. We, Tony and I, came to Hendrick together Our common concern was: What, if anything, can we bring to Hendrick? Would we be able to be a valuable addition to our experience? Tony definitely fulfilled that. And I think he's very pleased that he's there can come in, try something and the team accepts him. "

Question: "Have you ever wondered why you used to be your father and now you are so immensely popular in Talladega? What will the reaction be when you return as part of Hendrick Motorsports?"
Earnhardt: "I think the reaction will be the same. It's a little more overwhelming this year than I thought. I hope everything will be the same when we get to Talladega. We have as many fans as we did when we did I'm happy to bring the AMP car to Talladega for the first time, the new package, the new start number, the new team, just about everything. I'm looking forward to the race in front of all the people. They were always so supportive there and excited for us that you think you owe it to these people to win. "

"They come there, want to be excited and see their car in the lead. And really, the goal this weekend is to inspire these people when the green flag falls. But I also think Rick Hendrick likes to see how excited the fans are Anyway, we'll have a lot of fun in Talladega. "

Question: "It is known that you are currently testing in Indianapolis. What is the track like and will the tests be an advantage for the Brickyard 400? And how much would you like to win this race that your father won too?"
Earnhardt: "It would be wonderful to win at Indy. It's an important race. It's one of the four biggest races of the year, so I'm so happy to test here for Goodyear. It will be an advantage, but I don't know how big." Maybe it's not as big an advantage as many people think. We're not discovering any fundamentally new things here. We have the same problems with this car as we have on any other occasion. "

How Earnhardt deals with the pressure


Dale Earnhardt Jr. has already celebrated five wins in TalladegaZoom

"And in these tire tests you can not only devote yourself to the tuning questions of the car, you also have to provide the people at Goodyear with the data they need. So we can do little on the car. There are points, they say Tire people that we are not allowed to change anything in the setup, otherwise they will no longer be able to compare their data. But it is good to be in Indy and to drive a few laps. "

"There will be a lot of test drives coming up in the next few weeks. I think I'll have seven tests in the next few weeks, that's new to me, but I'm looking forward to it. Anything that brings me to Victory Lane is fine with me!"

Question: "How is the reaction of your fans to your form after the two years without a win? How big is the pressure that is building up?"
Earnhardt: "Well, two years without a win, you can see that. It's not that big a burden, but you know it. The pressure isn't that great either. I'm driving for a good team and I have a chance every time win. "

"I think it would only get bad if I was no longer convinced of my team and had to look around for another team or team owner because I had the feeling that my material is not good enough. Then there would be the pressure of this winless series big. But I feel that a win is very close. I think that every week so far we've had a car that could have won. We obviously weakened in the crucial stages of the race when we only finished sixth or seventh instead of winning could."

"You have to be able to make the right decisions at the end of the race, at the crucial phase, and we didn't do that ideally. Other drivers did just that, to make the right decisions at the end of the race. I believe that the fans want to win. The voices that reach me say that, my fans are happy that we are driving well at the moment and that we are at the forefront. They just have to be patient. They wanted their driver to drive well every week and that got it. My fans have to be patient, but I want the win as much as my fans do. Just wait and see. If it happens, it will. "