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The POSTEL celebrates

From Weill to "La Le Lu"
... Ladies also have a soul ... songs, chansons, songs and "Aunt Annette's fairy tale hour": All of this is classy and fun. (Tollhaus Karlsruhe)BNN, Jens Wehn

parodic fairy tales ... wit, humor and amazing temperament (Culture Window Heidelberg) Mannheimer Morgen, Eckhard Britsch

Slapstick and the art of singing Annette Postel has long established herself as a chanteuse and opera parodist unique selling point sung. ... delighted with a best of her chansons and anecdotes. ... terrific ... The mix of great vocal quality paired with freaky slapstick is a kind of comedy that you hardly ever get to see. (Palatinum mother city) The Rhine Palatinate, Olivia Kaiser

Style, irony and a beautiful voice "Blondes have more fun" ... "La Postel" was adorable and shone with her versatile voice ... wonderful pianist ... refreshing parody ... changeable ... terrific. (Kurpfalzsaal, Edenkoben) The Rheinpfalz, alve

Advance notice of the Parktheater Bensheim New Year's Eve concert:
“Shout, rejoice”:… straw-blonde and lightning-smart: the woman is a phenomenon: she is blonde, she is pretty. Big voice anyway. She has wit, intelligence and an exuberant comedic temperament ... and in this genre she has cleared everything there is in prizes. Her shows are funny and charming, witty and a feast for the eyes, characterized by fine eroticism and a fascinating "acrobatic" voice.
The “erotic woman with a divine voice”, whose mentor was the great Georg Kreisler, has achieved a great success with the new program for the 20th stage anniversary: ​​Something very special with captivating charm, witty wit and impressive aura - far from an uninspired “best of ". But of course some delicious, renowned numbers from their extensive repertoire should not be missing.

The musical range is wide ranging from the classic chanson of the 1920s to 50s, music cabaret and own chansons to opera parodies, enriched here with a pinch of Kurt Weill, there a pinch of Georg Kreisler, the whole thing well mixed and gorgeous packed. She slips into a multitude of roles on the fly, always stylish and tasteful.

With extremely pointed, interspersed short stories - which Elke Heidenreich encouraged, by the way - she is successfully breaking new ground.

"Annette, you have everything: voice, musicality, beauty and heart. Love, Teresa Stratas.“ (Opera singer at the Metropolitan, NY)

The woman is funny, she really has a voice. Annette Postel is simply adorable! "Konstantin Wecker(Song writer)

 ingenious mix of skill and humor(Southgerman newspaper)