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First of all, I would ask myself whether you can live well in AZ at all. And then two things first:

Are you the sole breadwinner, or is your wife "at home" with the children all day? If all the important places in everyday life are nearby, I might do without a car. But even with two cars, I would probably put your situation in the middle category "life". The rent is pretty big, I have to say, which is why I wanted to ask if you've ever thought about buying. Over the five-year period, you will pay $ 78,000 at no extra cost. Beautiful (finished) homes on medium-sized lots in southern Utah, for example, start at $ 20,000. I don't know the real estate market in Tuscon now, but I can hardly imagine that it is significantly more expensive if you don't need a city center location. It is worth a try. I'm assuming that you have SSN and a little change for a deposit, so that would be a bit of a problem. Just a tip.

But yeah, with $ 85,000 a year you won't starve to death in Tuscon either.

Edit: Oha, I googled a bit and Tuscon seems to be an expensive residential pavement ...
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