What does Lady Gaga say about sex

Lady Gaga on Sex: I had a threesome

This sex admission is not exactly surprising.

Lady Gaga (25) poses as a wild girl. Now she said openly what one had already thought: She once had a threesome.

During an interview with a Detroit radio station, the pop singer was asked if she had ever had threesome sex. Your answer: "Um, I would say I did, yes."

The interviewer asked further, wanted to know the gender constellation. And said that Lady Gaga could be called bisexual if another woman was involved. Lady Gaga tellingly: "No - that's okay with a threesome."

But she leaves it open who her two sex partners were: “I don't want to reveal too much. I can only tell the truth. ”Everything else she leaves to the imagination of her fans.

And yesterday they ensured that the online mail order company Amazon had massive problems on Monday. Reason: Lady Gaga's new album, “Born This Way” was offered for only 99 US cents. The rush for the one-day campaign was so great that the Amazon servers went to their knees on Monday and many Gaga fans first had to wait for their download. Amazon promised to submit the purchased MP3 files from "Born This Way" at no extra charge.

Amazon paid a lot for the campaign: The online retailer bought the album from Gaga's record company Universal Music at the usual wholesale price of around nine dollars, reported the Wall Street Journal, among others. The huge discount should probably draw attention to Amazon's new online service. All MP3 files that are bought from Amazon also automatically end up on a virtual hard drive of the online retailer and can be accessed by the user on various devices via the Internet. The service is currently only available in North America.