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The cap photo school in Zurich and Bern

Photo school in Zurich and Bern: learn to take photos from the professionals

Photography is a passion for many people. A fascinating hobby that allows for wonderful creations that may lead to your dream job. Due to the numerous digital possibilities, some today think that they can already take perfect photos.

One rumor may now be put out of the way. It is not the perfect camera that takes the picture, but a photographer who knows his art. Anyone who asks which camera was used for the photo should rather ask. "Where did you learn your trade?". There are many courses, schools and master classes. Our cap is a very special onePhoto schoolinZurich and in Bernwho picks up the student where he is.

OurschoolForphotographynot only offers training, we impart various levels of knowledge so that the participant is optimally guided to his goal.

These courses are currently available at the Zurich School of Photography:

All those who do thatLearn to take photoswant can take a distance learning course at ourschoolForphotographyvisit. There are 8 learning modules and 8 day workshops waiting for the participants. There are 12 learning videos, coaching by professionals and a certificate. If you don't really know whether photography really suits you, you should start with this course.

The cap professional course of thePhoto schoolZurichis for all those who already know what they want and on a small scalelearn to take photoswant. Small classes with individual support, 5 forum days and a diploma are waiting for you.

The cap advanced course is aimed at those who want to book an advanced training course. Another 200 lessons with 100% practice take the participant to a new level of photography. If you want to get even more out of the whole thing, the cap masterclass is the right place for you. These are training workshops that last 1-3 days. They are aimed at professionals and ambitious amateurs who want to deepen their craft.

Dare to take a look at the Zurich photography school

Pictures say more than a thousand words. wholearn to take photoswould like to find a lot of pictures of our under the category point galleryschoolForphotography. All of this is possible if the participant embarks on the journey of photographic art. All photos come from thePhotography training. For beginners, one or the other picture may still be a long way off. With a little patience, creativity and willpower, the path to get there is no longer a hurdle.

Our school for photography

The capPhoto schoolsupports you competently when you do thatLearn to take photoswant. You can find a lot of information about the courses on our website. The various course modules are described under Offers. The study concept becomes ours under PortraitschoolForphotographyand introduced the lecturers. Anyone who has questions about the courses and content can contact us at any time. The contact information can be found under Contact.

Everyone can fulfill their dream of photography and onePhotography trainingstart. Usually only one step is necessary. Nobody has to be ashamed of their own photos. Every professional started out small at some point. Nobody should take reviews personally. After all, it is aPhotography trainingthat wants to turn you from amateur to professional. Criticism means recognizing mistakes, pointing out mistakes and the pupil in thePhotography trainingcommunicate that he can work on it.

Interested in thatLearn to take picturescurious and professionals are invited to visit our websitePhoto schoolinZurich or in Bernlook around and if you like onePhotography trainingto book.

If you have any questions, we will of course be happy to advise you in detail!