How streamers make money with Twitch

Internet Earn money with Twitch - this is how it works


Streams on Twitch and YouTube are often associated with monetization as well. This means that the streamer earns money with his content and, in the best case, can even make streaming his main job. But the way to get there is not that easy. We explain the most important details to you here.


You can offer subscriptions to your viewers via Twitch. Subscriptions are also available Subs called, from the English word "Subscription". There are three different subscription levels, which differ in terms of price. The inexpensive subscription costs € 4.99, the medium subscription level € 9.99 and the most expensive subscription level € 24.99. You can also set up additional rewards for your streamers, which can only be activated with higher sub-levels or a certain subscription duration. There is also a subscription via Twitch Prime. People who use Amazon Prime can subscribe to a Twitch streamer once a month for free. This streamer then receives the same income for this subscription as for a tier 1 sub. However, you do not receive the income from subscriptions 1: 1, but part of it goes to Twitch. That leaves $ 2.50 with subscriptions on the first level or with Twitch Prime, $ 4.99 with the second level and $ 12.50 with the third level. These amounts are calculated in dollars and will also be credited to you in dollars.

Note: Subscriptions will not become available until you are a Twitch Affiliate. To do this, you have to meet certain requirements, such as 50 followers and a certain stream duration.

Donations & Bits

You can also earn money with your account through donations. Often viewers donate small sums of money to their favorite streamer in order to support them even more. In addition to external donation platforms, Twitch also offers donations in the form of bits. One bit brings you 1 cent as a streamer. The cost as a viewer is just under € 1.60 for 100 bits. However, donations via Bits can only be used if you have reached Twitch affiliate status. We'll explain more about Twitch donations in this post. People who follow you but don't subscribe or donate will not bring you any income per se.


Once you have achieved Twitch Affiliate status, you can place advertisements on your videos. This will then be displayed on your channel during the stream. Anyone who subscribes to you as a Twitch streamer for a fee will not see this advertisement. As a rule, you will then either receive the advertising income or, instead, the corresponding income for the subscriptions. You can find more information about advertising on Twitch here.

Think about taxes

As soon as you earn more than around € 800 with your stream or use it as a second job, you have to pay tax on the income.