There are rules in boxing

Boxing match disqualification

Disqualification: Violation of the rules leads to the decision of the fight

In boxing it is precisely defined how one should behave and how the punches are to be performed. Anyone who does not adhere to it will have a problem and will be warned by the referee. In the case of extremely serious rule violations or after three warnings, the fight ends immediately through disqualification.

Disqualification: exclusion of a boxer

Probably the most famous example of a disqualification was that of Mike Tyson, who bit Evander Holyfield in the ear - a blatant violation of the rules that led to the immediate end of the fight, which received much media attention. There are various situations, which are also determined when a disqualification has to be pronounced. There are two approaches, namely the immediate disqualification and the situation in which you are warned, but still fought improperly and are excluded after the third warning. In both variants, the opponent is the winner and the fight ends prematurely.

One of the things that shouldn't happen at all is the use of the legs, such as kicks or tricks. Strikes below the belt are also not allowed, the same applies to strikes on the back of the head, just as hitting from behind is severely punished. There is a reason for this, because enormous forces are released in boxing and the best way to protect yourself is to watch the blows coming and choose appropriate defensive positions. But if you are hit with force from behind, you cannot see the blow in its formation and the result is that you can injure yourself much more severely.

Therefore, no blow to the kidney or the back of the head should happen. Holding an arm or clasping the head is also prohibited. The same applies to hitting with the palm of the hand or head butts as well as hitting with the shoulder or forearm. The blow may only be performed with the gloved, closed fist. Anyone who does not comply will be cautioned and disqualified if repeated several times. Bad offenses immediately lead to the fight being stopped through disqualification.