How is ThoughtWorks as a company

who we are

ThoughtWorks is a software consultancy - and a community of committed, goal-oriented people. We work disruptively and thus develop solutions that meet the highest demands of our customers. Our long-term mission is to revolutionize the IT industry and positively influence society.

Products, services, achievements

We at ThoughtWorks work on a common mission: We want to revolutionize software development and delivery and thus contribute to more social justice. The people and companies we work with every day are highly ambitious, be it in the commercial, social or public sector. That's why we pay attention to smart teams who can think disruptively and love the challenge. And we rely on software solutions that open up new ways for our customers to continuously improve their own software. We concentrate on the further development of the entire software industry. We think knowledge should be shared. And we do that with books and blogs, at conferences and events - and by using open source.

Perspectives for the future

What would you like to do? This is one of the first questions you will come across in our job interviews. And it's not about a title. We are looking for people who can change something: doers, bridge builders, mind-openers and people who think differently.

Our job is to create a place where people have the freedom to use technology to make a positive impact on our world.

As a ThoughtWorker, you have the freedom to learn in all possible ways and platforms and to share what you have learned with others. You are free to be yourself. Free to follow the topics that inspire you and to explore unfamiliar areas or tech stacks. Free to question ideas, assumptions and solutions - regardless of who they belong to. Free to experiment. Free to change your way Free to use technology to make the world a better place.

Key figures

Employees 350+ employees in Germany, 8,000+ employees worldwide

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