How can I make better YouTube videos

Make good videos for Youtube

What makes a good Youtube video? First of all: I do not know the magic formula for the successful, viral video that binds the masses. But if you make and publish good videos on a regular basis, you will see success.

You should bear this in mind when shooting a video for YouTube

An online video is not a commercial that runs during the break in a TV movie. The viewer does not sit relaxed in the armchair and lets himself be sprinkled (“Lean Back”). The YouTube viewer is active on his device - be it the computer or a mobile device such as the iPad or iPhone (“Lean Forward”). So you have to captivate the viewer before jumping to the next video. My suggestions:

  • Allow 30, maybe 45 seconds for the entire video. After that, the audience's attention wanes. You can of course record longer, but don't forget to trim the video afterwards.
  • If you want the video to run longer, you have to keep attracting the viewer's attention. 90 seconds to 3 minutes are also feasible.
  • The content has to "carry" - in other words, if you manage to keep the viewer interested in something new, a video can of course be longer.
  • If you want to shoot a videocast for Youtube, my article on videocasts with camcorders will also help you.

One video, one topic

Don't pack too much into a video. Stick to the “one video, one topic” rule. Otherwise you will lose viewers. Plan exactly what topic you want to cover in the video.

  • Write down a sentence or two that make the subject of the video clear.
  • Write a script for your video in which you specify exactly what you want to tell in your film and what the video will show.
  • Cut out everything that is not necessary in the script.

Drag the viewer into the video

My suggestion for a video structure would be:

  1. Put a "hook" with a clear promise: what's the point of watching the video.
  2. Play in a short opening credits. 5 seconds is enough.
  3. Then the video begins.

Keep viewers in the video

  • Entertain the audience - or the other way around: Don't bore the audience. Record multiple settings. Make use of cuts. Long, monotonous monologues are bad.
  • Tell little stories. It doesn't have to be sophisticated storytelling. It is enough to tell how someone solves a problem. Read here how to implement simple storytelling for your videos.
  • People get bored - unless they argue. If you want to show yourself, stay in the picture for a maximum of 20 seconds. Then there should be more to see - for example your product in action.
  • Show don’t tell. Show something instead of just telling about it.
  • Involve the viewers and generate a response - for example with a special offer that you only make in the video.
  • Encourage viewers to comment, ask for a "thumbs up",
  • Use the info cards and the credits function in Youtube to link to other videos.

Is that all? Certainly not. Take your time and learn. Use the evaluation functions of Youtube to find out which videos are well received. Sometimes there are big surprises and show you where your videos can go.

Use metadata for your YouTube video

Youtube is also a search engine. Correct metadata help Youtube to classify your content correctly. Are important:

  • Headline: Write what topic the video is about.
  • Description: Here follows a detailed text about the contents of the film. (There is also space here for links, for example to your homepage).
  • Tags: Keywords that describe the content of your video.

With correctly filled in metadata you increase the chances that your film will be found on Youtube.

Work with thumbnails

Thumbnails are small preview graphics for the videos. Unless you create your own thumbnail, Youtube will select an image from your video. But with this you are giving away click potential. Because with your own thumbnail you can highlight the most important content of your video and make it more eye-catching.

Tip: Use the rule of thirds to place content that is important to the picture.

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