Why did Amazon win

Amazon raffle FUCK? Help!

I would like to shoot myself, that's how angry I am .. (I'm 18 / m)

I received a call today (I had bad reception and understood really little)

I was called by some guy who said I had taken part in a BMW M3 competition and had made it to the final round of 20 from 40,000 participants. (I was happy to say yes to practically everything, because I really took part in a BMW competition, but as I noticed afterwards, I took part in a competition for a BMW X1 at Netto and not in what the Guy has donated) I didn't understand which company he was from. In any case, he already had all of my details (name, address, zip code, city, date of birth) from the start. Me to everything yes yes yes etc. I always had to choose from place 1-7, for the material prize or money. Always took the money. In the end he met after my account number and bank code and I stupid gave him them. Then there was an offer for subscription, car newspaper, blah blah cheaper every six months, 32 euros or so, blah blah, save taxes, blah blah. and I am disabled of course yes yes yes yes. I didn't even want to give my bank details at first, I wanted to in a few days, but he said I have to now otherwise I won't be in the competition. Oh man, how obvious -.- In any case, he said I'll get something sent in a week or so, including his business card, so that I can call him at any time. The guy's number was 05331 935569872

Then came the next call that the subscription and such was confirmed. I of course yes yes yes, data compared and so ... he said in 14 days there will be a letter. (Number was 07305 66329563)

The whole thing was an hour ago. It felt strange to me the whole time, then a look on the internet and I felt really sick. What do I do best now? How do I react to writing what is to come. Can I still withdraw from the subscription? So somehow contest for deception and fraud? After all, in combination I was promised a chance to win money, which I probably won't have. One more thing: The account details they have is an EC card with 2 euros on it or something. What are they going to do with it. They probably can't just pull it off, can they? The account can actually not even go into the minus range.

Would be very grateful for your answers. I'm really desperate right now.