What is an Alexa speaker

Change Alexa voice - this is how it works

The smart voice assistant of the Amazon Echo, Alexa, has a female-sounding voice. You can find out how you can change the Alexa voice from us.

The popular voice assistants Siri (Apple), Google Assistant (Google), Cortana (Microsoft) and Alexa (Amazon) speak in a high-pitched voice that most users perceive as female. Not only women's rights activists are bothered by this from time to time, other users also want a different timbre every now and then. That's why we explain to you how you can change the Alexa voice on the Amazon Echo.

Alexa change voice via skill

At the moment, Amazon does not plan to change the pitch of Alexa. The Internet giant may deliver the function at some point, but there are no plans for it yet. However, there is the option of adjusting Alexa's voice using a skill.

The two applications, among others, are suitable for this As a man and As a child. To activate the skills, give Alexa the command “Activate [skill name].” If you prefer to do this manually, you will find instructions in our article Activate Alexa Skills. The skill As a man allows you to change the Alexa voice and let the voice assistant answer in a male tone. The voice command “Alexa, start as a man” helps you to use the skill. The app As a child works the same way. However, both skills cannot completely replace the actual voice of Alexa.

Change Alexa voice - the alternative

Some skills offer alternative voices for Alexa within the application. These include, among other things Daily news in 100 seconds, ZDF today Xpress and Sports show. This means that Alexa will continue to answer you in a female voice without the apps, but as soon as you start the corresponding applications, the voice assistant speaks with the pitch you have chosen.

Already knew? You cannot change the Alexa voice, but you can change the name. Our article Renaming Alexa and Changing the Activation Word explains how to do this.