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Trivandrum Rajdhani Express: 3,149 kilometers in 42 hours

The Trivandrum Rajdhani Express is the fastest connection from the Indian capital Delhi to the south. The journey from Hajrat Nizamuddin Railway Station to Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) takes 42 hours and the route is 3,149 kilometers.

The journey leads through the states of Rajasthan, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Goa, Karnataka to Kerala. I tried the feeling of traveling in the 3 tier AC class in the Trivandrum Rajdhani Express for you between Hajrat Nizamuddin and Margao (Madgaon) in Goa. You will also find some important travel tips for tickets and traveling on the Rajdhani Express at the end of the experience report.

The express train from Delhi to South India is not only the fastest, but also probably the most convenient rail connection to the south. “Rajdhani Express” refers to high-quality express trains in India. Rajdhani express trains are the counterpart to the Shatabdi express trains, the fast daily connections in India.

The Trivandrum Rajdhani Express ...

The Rajdhani Express trains only travel with air-conditioned sleeping cars of the categories AC 3 Tier (3A), AC 2 Tier (2A) and AC 1st class (1A). General Class and Sleeper Class cars are not carried.

You should reserve a ticket for the trip as soon as possible, the tickets are very popular. A few tickets are reserved in the Foreign Tourist Quota for foreign travelers. These tickets are available, for example, from the Tourist Bureau in New Delhi train station (important information: rip off at New Delhi train station).

… Departs from Hajrat Nizamuddin Railway Station in Delhi.

"Full board" is included in the price of the ticket on the train. The train staff serves breakfast, lunch, dinner, snacks, soup, tea and ice cream. Travelers receive a liter bottle of drinking water every 20 hours.

Different meals ...

In the middle of the train, the food is freshly prepared in the kitchen wagon (pantry car). Curries, rice and chapati are served according to Indian tastes. Passengers can choose between vegetarian and non-vegetarian every time.

... are in the Rajdhani Express ...

When I leave Hajrat Nizamuddin Railway Station at 10.55 a.m., the train is full. I have a reserved sleeping car space in the A3 wagon. Here 8 passengers always share a bunk area.

... served. There is also a sandwich at “tea time” and ... of course ... tea.

On one side of the corridor there are 3 beds on top of each other, on the long side there are two beds on top of each other. Similar to the “hard sleeper” wagons in China and Platzkartny in Russia, the sleeping areas are open and not divided by doors and compartments.

The AC 3 Tier (A3) sleeping compartments are open in India.

I have the middle bed place - the worst choice when traveling by train. The bed is folded up during the day, all passengers then sit on the lower bed.

Two sheets and a towel are included in the price of the sleeping car. Please note the care instructions on the packaging. ;-)

Whoever books the top berth always has the option of sitting downstairs or lying upstairs.

South of Delhi the landscape is green and foggy ...

In each of the 6 areas there are two sockets above the window that are compatible with our Euro plugs.

... soon the landscape will change ...

The windows cannot be opened in the air-conditioned carriages, a disadvantage for photo enthusiasts. The doors are also closed most of the time, as the railway employees prepare meals for the passengers in the vestibules.

... in Rajasthan to the desert.

The journey leads through constantly changing landscapes. The train leaves the city of Delhi behind and the journey leads through a green landscape, which is interrupted by the bright yellow flowers of the fields with mustard seeds.

After Kota, the area becomes increasingly brown and the landscape becomes more and more barren. Night slowly settles on the train. A few hundred kilometers further on, after the Panvel train station, the first passengers wake up. We are already south of Mumbai.

The “battlefield” after every meal. The catering staff clears everything up again.

The journey leads south along the west coast on the relatively new Konkan Railway. Most of the time the sea is not in sight, but the route in Maharashtra leads through countless tunnels towards Goa.

Also south of Goa, in Karnataka and Kerala, the coast is rarely seen. Long bridges cross the wide rivers and parts of the backwaters.

The “Indian Style Toilet” ...

For me, however, the Madgaon train station is the terminus. An Indian Railways employee collects the bed linen and towels.

For the morning toilet, there are sinks in the hallway and in the toilets, Western style with toilet paper (!!!) and Indian style.

... has an “Emergency Flush Button”. What is it good for?

In the mirror in our bunk there is the last "face check" before the Rajdhani Express arrives in Marago with a delay of 25 minutes.

Travel Tips for the Trivandrum Rajdhani Express:

  • TRIVNDRM RJDHNI is the name of the Trivandrum Rajdhani express train in the Indian timetable.
  • Over 3,149 kilometers it connects the Indian capital Delhi with Trivandrum (Thiruvananthapuram) in the southern Indian state of Kerala.
  • Hajrat Nizamuddin Railway Station is the departure station of the Trivandrum Rajdhani Express in Delhi. The station is about 10 kilometers south of New Delhi Railway Station. An autorickshaw between the two stations should cost between 130 and 150 rupees (negotiate!).
  • Few stops the Trivandrum Rajdhani Express has to the south of India (to Madgaon in Kota, Vadodara Jn., Wasai Road, Panvel, Ratnagiri and Sawantwadi Road).
  • The punctuality of the train is higher than other trains as it is a high quality express train.
  • Full board is included in the fare.

Timetable & tickets:

  • Not daily: The Trivandrum Rajdhani Express departs Tuesday, Wednesday and Sunday from Nizamuddin in Delhi and Tuesday, Thursday and Friday from Trivandrum to Delhi.
  • Current departure times and timetables e.g. on the page of
  • Ticket contingent for travelers: For the Rajdhani Express, a few tickets are also reserved for foreign travelers in the Foreign Tourist Quota.
  • Online train tickets for long-distance trains in India you can also get it on this website * (no Indian telephone number necessary).

Have you ever traveled through India on the Trivandrum Rajdhani Express - or any other Rajdhani Express? How was your experience?

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