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What helps with pain in the hands?

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If the hand hurts, osteoarthritis can be the cause.

The hand consists of 27 bones, 36 joints, plus a number of muscles, tendons and nerves - all in a very small space. The doctor has to look carefully if something is wrong with the hand. Because of course there is a certain risk of confusion due to the spatial confinement of the structures. If the interaction of bones, muscles and joints is disturbed, severe restrictions, loss of strength and pain can occur. Because we depend on our hands for many activities in everyday life, for example when getting dressed, grasping, eating and drinking. Common causes of hand dysfunction are osteoarthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome and tendinitis.

Causes of tendinitis

Tendonitis around the wrist can cause severe pain. The inflammation of the sliding tendon tissue is usually caused by excessive stress. The tendons are often overloaded by sports such as tennis, golf or climbing. Unusual physical activities such as renovating and gardening are also typical triggers of tendinitis.

Symptoms of tendinitis

Typical symptoms of tendinitis are severe pain in the affected tendon. They occur first in stressful situations, later also in calm. The inflamed area may become warm, red, and swollen. Sometimes there are grinding friction noises that can be heard when the tendons are moved.

Treat tendonitis

If you have tendinitis, doctors advise you to go easy on your hand. By administering anti-inflammatory and pain relieving medication, the symptoms usually subside quickly. If conservative therapy does not work, surgery may be necessary. The narrowed point on the tendon sheath is split open, the tendon compartment is expanded and the tendons are relieved.

Osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome

Osteoarthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome have different causes, but express themselves with similar complaints, for example movement-dependent pain.

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