What is the difference between algae and algae

The Afa alga

The AFA algae grow exclusively in Klamath Lake in Oregon and can neither be cultivated nor manipulated in any way. Klamath Lake completely freezes over in winter. Normally the AFA algae would freeze to death at these temperatures.

However, nature has prevented this in an ingenious way: The AFA algae are only found on the bottom of the lake during winter.

Their exceptionally high content of omega 3 fatty acids ensures very flexible cell walls that prevent the cells from bursting open.

AFA algae vs. Spirulina algae

AFA algae differs from Spirulina algae in particular in that it has a remarkably positive effect on the central nervous system. The AFA algae have a noticeably balancing and harmonizing effect on people - both on a physical and psychological level.

High levels of toxin in algae are possible

Important: In principle, there are almost unimaginably large differences in quality with all algae. In addition to the production method, which sometimes destroys nutrients, more than 70% of all algae on the market are more or less heavily contaminated with toxins. This fact makes it almost impossible for the layperson to make the right choice. You should therefore always contact an experienced advisor you trust.

Afa algae with high quality differences

Even with the AFA algae from Klamath Lake, there are very large differences in quality. In almost all cases, the algae is freeze-dried by the manufacturer at - 45%.

The high fatty acid content in the AFA algae can no longer withstand this. Such drying processes have a negative effect on the quality of the algae.

Another method used is the drying of the algae on a conveyor belt at 60 ° to 65 °. Here, too, there is a blatant loss of nutrients.

The algae recommended by us are air-dried in a special process - therefore their quality - and thus their effect on the organism - are unmatched.


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