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Whiskey: from bourbon to single malt for whiskey production

The field of whiskey is great. Confusion quickly spreads. reveals what is really important when enjoying good whiskey and introduces you to the best whiskeys, single malts and recipes with whiskey.

The big whiskey test by Exactly 15 whiskeys survived the preselection of the editors. Eight whiskey testers gave grades like in school, whereby we rounded up to the second place after the decimal point because of the tight finish. Nobody knew what he / she was drinking. We introduce you to the editors' best whiskeys. A later test confirmed: more expensive is better. With an aroma of peat and grass

Whiskey is purely a matter of taste, because each of the numerous whiskey types is characterized by its very characteristic note: whether Irish whiskey, or Irish whiskey or American bourbon whiskey, German whiskey or Canada whiskey or Scotch. Even Japanese whiskey, not necessarily the classic whiskey country, is on the rise. You can read in this whiskey article that you can also refine delicious dishes with whiskey.

These single malts convince the professional

Single malts: Cold, bad weather, stress - now a whiskey is needed. got advice from Bernhard Schäfer, one of the most renowned whiskey experts in Germany. You can also find out from us which factors in whiskey production are important for the best single malt. Whiskey is not only very popular with connoisseurs, but has also recently become an interesting investment. has found out whether whiskey is any good as an investment.

Whiskey from Schliersee

Whiskey from Germany - Schliersee Whiskey: Whiskey is a noble and versatile drink. But what is behind the myth of whiskey? The tried and tested testers from threw themselves into the fray for you at Europe's leading trade fair "Interwhisky" in Frankfurt.

Whiskey - noble even when cookingWhat goes well with whiskey? The golden yellow drink impresses with its variety in taste - from particularly rough and smoky to a caramel note, the different varieties have a lot to offer. In our top 5 whiskey recipes, we show you that you can also cook very deliciously with whiskey. Whiskey and Chocolate "One glass is fabulous, two are too much, three are too little". True to this Scottish proverb, a successful whiskey tasting offers half a dozen drinks. And the perfect chocolate - because whiskey and chocolate are a dream pairing for perfect enjoyment. Whiskey production Until a whiskey or single malt comes into the bottle, it has matured in oak barrels for many years. Whiskey production has a long tradition and what are the differences between whiskey storage and the whiskey barrel? Is single malt from Scotland the real deal and how are the various whiskey regions of the world made up? Bottle of Dalmore whiskey for 145,000 euros

A businessman from China has secured a bottle of whiskey worth the equivalent of 145,000 euros in the duty-free shop at Singapore airport. The man deposited a security amounting to half the purchase price for the 62-year-old single malt whiskey from the Dalmore distillery by bank transfer, said an airport spokesman. At you can read the whole story about the expensive whiskey bottle.

Bourbon: liquid gold from Kentucky

Kentucky is the cradle of bourbon. A bottle may only be labeled "Kentucky Straight Bourbon" if it was manufactured in the state of Kentucky. dared to take a look at the history of bourbon.

German whiskey is on the advance The whiskey fever has infected Germany. Whiskey bars are springing up like mushrooms, traditional grain and fruit distillers burn German whiskey with their own signature. Reason enough for to track down German whiskey at Germany's largest whiskey fair "Interwhisky". The hardest and true man's whiskey drink until the dentist comes: In the old days the Scots used tarry whiskey as an anesthetic before pulling the teeth. For the peat-and-smoke group, sweet sherry creations are only girls' whiskeys. Real guys want hard whiskey with peat, so peat - if it's too strong, you're too weak. The hardest whiskeys in the world come from Islay on the west coast of Scotland Maker's Mark: Its secret lies in winter wheat

Maker's Mark has dedicated himself to the production of a mild bourbon whiskey with conviction. The family business from Kentucky can look back on 200 years of experience in the distillery and was declared a National Historic Landmark of America in 1980. You can find out more about this in our Maker's Mark article.

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